Pinstripe Suit

Step into the world of sophistication and style with our collection of Striped Suits. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each suit is tailored to perfection, featuring timeless stripes that effortlessly elevate your look. Explore our range and embrace the dapper charm of a custom striped suit that exudes confidence and elegance.

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Pinstripe Suit

Classy and elegant, pinstripe suits have a timeless, traditional charm that’s unmatched. However, traditional doesn’t mean it’s boring. 

Pinstripe suits have long been the fashionable choice for men in business. And as men’s fashion evolves, the classic pinstripe suit can now be worn for almost any occasion without making the wearer appear overly flamboyant or somber.

Want to upgrade or refresh your wardrobe? Try investing in a well-tailored pinstripe suit. Not only is it elegant, but it can also boost your confidence and appearance at the same time.

If you want a suit that will make you look as good as you are confident, then you should take a look at StudioSuits’ collection of men’s Pinstripe Suits!

All of our suits are custom-tailored to fit your size and preferences. Simply provide your measurements and we’ll send you the best-fitting pinstripe suit you’ll ever get. 

Don't miss out on this chance to upgrade your wardrobe. Shop StudioSuits’ Pinstripe Suits for men today!

Getting to Know the Pinstripe Suit

To say that a pinstripe is classy is an understatement. Pinstripe suit for men is more than just elegant formalwear; they symbolized power and status.

Originally, pinstripe suits were worn by workers in the banking industry. They help distinguish workers at different Victorian banks based on the distance between the thin white lines on their suits.

Eventually, pin stripe suit started becoming more popular in other industries as well. They became so closely tied with businesses that for some time, people associate pinstripe suits for businessmen and rich conglomerates. 

Even today, pinstripe suits are still the preferred choice for politicians and businessmen. That said, more men are incorporating the pinstripe suit into their wardrobes. Now, they have become a staple in a fashion-conscious gentleman’s wardrobe. 

Why Pinstripe Suits Are An Investment

So, why should you get a pinstripe suit?

There are various reasons why we think a pinstripe suit is a great investment for the modern gentleman. 

To begin, pinstripe suits strike the perfect balance between bold and reserved. They are unmistakably formal and business-appropriate. Yet at the same time, they are also unique and charming, perfect if you want to stand out or make a statement with your outfit. 

Next, if you already have a basic suit collection and want to enhance it, pinstripe suits are a great place to start. Pinstripe suits appear unique without being too flamboyant. They can make a man appear effortlessly sharp and polished.

Pinstripe suits can also be dressed up or down. Even though they’re traditionally considered formalwear, stripe suits are a versatile wardrobe staple these days. You can mix and match the suit jacket and dress pants with other piece of clothing to create new, stylish looks. 

Lastly, pinstripe suits have a slimming effect. The thin vertical stripes will do wonders on your body, making you appear slimmer and taller. You cannot get this effect with any other type of suit. 

Styling Your Pinstripe Suit

There are countless ways to style your pinstripe suit. Considering how versatile mens striped suit is, you can style them in various ways to achieve different aesthetics and attend various events. 


Stick with classic color options, such as black, navy, and grey. A navy pinstripe suit works particularly great in a business setting because it’s not too somber yet still appears reserved and professional. Suits with thin white lines are a wonderful choice, but those with thicker lines can make you look more powerful.

Style your striped suits with a light-colored dress shirt, such as white and powder blue. Next, get a solid-colored tie to balance out the construction of your outfit. As the final touch, pick a matching belt and leather shoes. 

Formal occasions

Just like before, opt for more traditional color options. You can never go wrong with a black pinstripe suit. For formal occasions, it’s best to choose suits with smaller or subtler stripes. Moreover, a pin stripe tux featuring smaller or subtler stripes, creates an elegant aesthetic.

Style your pinstripe suit with a light-colored dress shirt, such as white and powder blue. Next, get a black tie or bowtie along with some cuff-links. Lastly, wear a matching belt and leather shoes. 


Any color palette works here, be it the traditional black or an eclectic forest green. For a minimalist look, try a monochromatic color palette for your entire outfit. For example, if you have a blue pinstripe suit, opt for a navy turtleneck or sweater underneath. This styling option gives off a modern and fresh appearance. 

Break up the suit

Lastly, you can also try to break up the suit. Think of the pinstripe suit jacket and dress pants as separates. This way, you can get some interesting casual outfits.

For example, you can pair your pinstripe suit jacket with a casual shirt and dark-wash denim for a relaxed yet cool look. On the other hand, you can also pair your pinstripe dress pants with a sweatshirt to get an elevated street-style outfit. 

Order Your Custom Pinstripe Suit from StudioSuits Today!

A well-tailored stripe suit can transform any man and make him look stunning. Whether you’re looking to attend an important business meeting or impress your date, you’ll be glad to have a pinstripe suit in your wardrobe.

Of course, you can’t just pick some random suit and expect it to look flattering on you. In order to do its job properly, your pinstripe suit must fit your body and frame perfectly. Otherwise, you’ll just look sloppy!

This is where StudioSuits come in!

With the help of our experts, StudioSuits will provide you with the best pinstripe suits to reflect your personal style and charm. We offer a wide selection of colors, styles, and fabrics to choose from. Our pinstripe tuxedo exudes an air of sophistication and luxury, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a distinguished and stylish ensemble for special events and black-tie affairs. Whether you’re looking for a classic grey pinstripe suit or a dapper double breasted pinstripe suit, we have you covered!

At StudioSuits, we highly value your satisfaction. Each pinstripe suit is custom-made for your measurement. So you can rest assured that every inch of your suit pants fits you perfectly.

What are you waiting for? 

Get the custom pinstripe suits for men from StudioSuits today! 


Can I wear a pinstripe suit to a wedding?

Yes, pinstripe suits are considered to be formal and classy, so they’re perfect for attending a wedding. Pinstripe suits look reserved yet sophisticated, with the right color palette and styling, they can be the base of an amazing wedding outfit

What is the difference between chalkstripe and pinstripe patterns?

Chalkstripe and pinstripe are two distinct patterns commonly found on striped suits. Chalkstripe features wider and more prominent stripes, resembling the texture of chalk lines on a blackboard, while pinstripe has thinner, more delicate lines that appear as pin-like dots. Chalkstripe suits are often associated with a formal, elegant aesthetic, while pinstripe suits exude a sleek, professional look, popular in business attire. The choice between these patterns depends on personal preference and the desired style for a particular occasion.

What shirt to wear with a pinstripe suit?

You can wear almost any shirt with a pinstripe suit, depending on your personal style and the event you’re attending. However, since pinstripe suits are typically regarded as more formal, it’s best to stick to traditional options.

You can never go wrong with a classic white button-down on a navy blue pinstripe suit. It’s one of the best shirts to wear with a pinstripe suit. That said, other solid-colored shirts, such as black, powder blue, pink, and navy will work just as nicely

Can you wear pinstripe suit jacket with plain trousers?

Pinstripe suit jackets typically come with matching pants, so for a more cohesive look, it’s best to wear them together. However, you’re free to mix and match your pinstripe suit jacket with other trousers you may have. Just make sure they belong in the same or complementary color family for a more elegant and cohesive appearance. 

Are pinstripe suits still fashionable?

Absolutely! Pinstripe suits, with their classic and timeless appeal, have maintained their fashionable status over the years. From their association with the stylish gangster suits of the past to their continued presence on fashion runways, pinstripe suits exude an enduring sense of style and sophistication. While traditionally seen as formalwear, pinstripe suits have evolved to be versatile and can be incorporated into business and even casual attire. For instance, pairing a pinstripe suit jacket with solid-color dress pants creates a modern and chic look that is both refined and adaptable to various settings. Embrace the ongoing fashion statement that pinstripe suits offer, paying homage to their rich heritage while confidently showcasing your own distinctive style.

Are pinstripe suits slimming?

Pinstripe suits lend a slimming effect when worn. This is because the lines in a pinstripe suit run vertically, which makes you appear taller and slimmer. 

Moreover, well-tailored pinstripe suits, like those from StudioSuits, will further enhance your build. You won’t just appear slimmer, but also more muscular and elegant. This is why you should definitely invest in a high-quality pinstripe suit from StudioSuits!

Jacket Size Guide

Jacket Shoulder Measurement Jacket Chest Measurement Jacket Stomach Measurement Jacket Sleeve Measurement Jacket Length Measurement
Ready Size(US)
To determine the best size for you, measure your chest and choose the size that corresponds to your measurement. If you are in between sizes, we recommend going up a size for a better fit.
Shoulder Chest
(All round)
These measurements refer to the chest area of the Jacket
(All round)
These measurements refer to the waist area of the Jacket
Sleeve Length Jacket Length
36 17.5 39 36.5 23.5 28
38 18 41 38.5 23.5 28
40 18 43 40.5 23.5 29
42 18.5 45 42.5 24 29.5
44 19 47 44.5 24.25 30
46 19.5 49 46.5 24.5 30.5
48 20 51 48.5 25 31.5
50 20.5 53 51 25.5 31.5
52 21 55 53 25.5 32
54 21 57 55 25.75 32
56 22 59 57 25.75 32.5
58 22.5 61 59 26 33
60 23 63 61 26 33
62 23.5 65 63 26 33
Ready Size(US)
To determine the best size for you, measure your chest and choose the size that corresponds to your measurement. If you are in between sizes, we recommend going up a size for a better fit.
Shoulder Chest
(All round)
These measurements refer to the chest area of the Jacket
(All round)
These measurements refer to the waist area of the Jacket
Sleeve Length Jacket Length
36 17.5 39 36.5 24 29
38 18 41 38.5 24.25 29
40 18 43 40.5 24.5 29.5
42 18.5 45 42.5 25 30
44 19 47 44.5 25.25 31
46 19.5 49 46.5 25.5 31.5
48 20 51 48.5 25.5 32
50 20.5 53 51 26 32.5
52 21 55 53 26 33
54 21 57 55 26.5 33
56 22 59 57 26.5 33.5
58 22.5 61 59 26.5 34
60 23 63 61 26.5 34