CM to Inches Converter

We only accept measurements in Inches,
The units we accept are Whole numbers and multiples of .25 , eg: 36, 36.25, 36.50 and 36.75

You can use this convertor to convert CM to Inches:


At StudioSuits, our cm to inches converter provides measurements rounded to the nearest 0.25-inch increment to ensure the best fit and accuracy for our clothing products.

Frequently Asked Questions - Cm to Inches

How many cm are in an inch?

There are 2.54 centimeters in one inch.

How can I convert cm to inches?

To convert centimeters to inches, you need to divide the number of centimeters by 2.54.

What is the formula for converting cm to inches?

The formula for converting centimeters to inches is [centimeters] divided by 2.54 = [inches].

What are some common conversions from cm to inches?

Some common conversions from centimeters to inches include:

1 centimeter = 0.393701 inch

5 centimeters = 1.9685 inch

10 centimeters = 3.9470 inch,

15 centimeters = 5.9252 inch

20 centimeters = 7.87402 inch

25 centimeters = 9.84252 inch