About us

StudioSuits, is a traditional tailoring workshop where we use more of hand techniques to make custom clothing. Our team of skilled masters and craftsmen are involved in the process from start to end.

StudioSuits specializes in and offers a wide range of quality, custom tailored men’s suits, jackets and trousers designed to make you look good whatever the occasion. Our line of men’s suits and accessories are perfect for the office, a night on the town or any affair where exceptional style and quality are a must.

Our many satisfied customers can’t be wrong; StudioSuits is the number one source for quality tailoring, exceptional style and knowledgeable service. Shop with us today and let our experienced team make you a customer for life.

The world's finest fabrics

Curated with careful consideration, our hand-tailored collection puts
the spotlight on the world's finest fabrics.

Works with premium grade materials

Passionate, thorough and committed to nothing short of excellence, our team of tailoring experts works with premium grade materials to professionally tailor couture clothing selections by hand.

Quality designer men's apparel

With the largest assortment of luxury quality cloth at our disposal, we are able to craft quality designer men's apparel
tailored to fit.

Partner with Scottish weavers

Our tailors also proudly partner with Scottish weavers to directly source traditional Scottish tweed.


A leader in creating custom clothing, it's Parent company has seen its products featured in publications such as Oprah's O Magazine, Instyle, American Way, Craft, Tampa Tribune and many more.

Client satisfaction and positive ratings have earned the company great repeat business. StudioSuits continues in its quest to assist clients in designing a clothing that compliment not only their body, but their personality as well.

Customers are so infatuated with StudioSuits customer service and quality of clothing that they continue to return time after time.

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