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Looking for top-notch men's suits? You're at the right place with StudioSuits! Our suits are more than just high-quality. They're made to fit you and you alone. Dive into our wide range of fabrics and pick your unique details to create a suit that's all you. With StudioSuits, you're sure to find a 100% made to measure suit that's a perfect match for your style.
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I purchased a slim fit suit from this website. For the price, the fit and quality is amazing. I am 25. I want what the Guys in GQ wear but don't have $2,000 to buy those suits. Now I can get them for pennies compared to their prices.
by Trevor D

If you haven't tried a suit yet do so. Incredible that a perfect fitting suit can be produced from so few measurements. My last made to measure cost a lot more, needed 6 fittings to get it nearly right and doesn't look half as good as StudioSuits!!!by Ian Sams

Custom Suits : Uniquely Yours

StudioSuits prides itself on crafting high-quality 'tailored suits for men'. Each 'mens tailored suit' is created with utmost precision and attention to detail. The 'mens custom suits' are designed to perfectly fit your style and body, providing the ultimate comfort and confidence. Every 'custom tailored suit' is made from 'high quality materials', ensuring not just a 'quality suit', but an experience of luxury and elegance. Discover the difference with StudioSuits today.

Brighten and freshen up your wardrobe with masterpieces designed just for you. Whether you're in search of the perfect groom suit or an elegant wedding suit to make your special day even more memorable, our tailored creations will exceed your expectations.

Choose from a luxurious spread of fabrics, linings, trimmings, buttons, and everything in between at just the click of a button, and watch your custom design suits come to life. Whether you prefer classic elegance or contemporary flair, our wedding suits are tailored to perfection, ensuring you look your best on your special day.

Send in your measurements and get the perfect made-to-measure tailored outfits, outstanding piece of this personalized garment.

Sounds interesting right and too good to be true! Welcome to the world of custom suits from StudioSuits.

Whether you need a custom dress suit for a special occasion or a sharp business ensemble, StudioSuits ensures that your custom-made suit reflects your unique style and personality. With a completely bespoke suit crafted just for you, add the finishing touch of having your monogram embroidered inside the jacket and collar.

Custom made suits online spoil you for unlimited choices, allowing you to create your own unique design suit that perfectly reflects your style.

Men's custom suits are forever a great option to explore when you are looking out for a perfect piece to match your silhouette. Buying suits online works like a charm. All you must do is take your measurements, choose your preferred style and StudioSuits will take care of the rest.

Options Galore

Be it adding layers to your much-loved shirt and pant combination or satisfying the itch to buy a new jacket to your collection. Whether you're in search of a tailor made dress suit or a sharp tuxedo, we have you covered. Select from the expansive spread of corduroys, suedes, velvets and cotton to name a few. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that our custom wool suits, custom tweed suits, and custom linen suits are tailored to perfection, meeting your every style and comfort requirement.

We care to craft what you fancy and stitch it as per your unique measurements through our custom suits online. The special made to measure suits are easy on pockets as otherwise believed to be, making it an affordable tailored suit option. A wide range of custom tailored suits online not only saves your time but provides you the maximum range of fabrics as well.

Suits for every occasion

Nowadays, the best custom suits can be bought online. The services include tailoring, matching accessories, and home delivery to name a few.

Most of us are always running short of time. StudioSuits is here to the rescue. We strive to provide our esteemed customers best online custom suits for every occasion.

Dress in your finest, be it your wedding day or a casual party with friends. Surely you are going to enjoy getting compliments from young and old alike. Customized tailoring gives you finesse, which is hardly possible with ready-to-wear suits. When you opt for tailormade suits, you elevate your style to a whole new level of sophistication.

Black, blue, and charcoal are the most versatile colors and are available in different hues. Pick your favourite and get a custom fitted suit made. You can easily style taylormade suits at wedding receptions, office parties, interviews, or business meetings. They will for sure add class to your personality.

Custom-tailored suits online are synonymous for style and elegance. They are nothing less than a personal investment that reaps benefits every time you wear them. Suits are sustainable and lavish at the same time. They happen to be the cornerstone of every sensible man’s wardrobe.


Has it happened to you that you see your favourite Hollywood star wearing a smart suit and you want the same? It has been the dream for most people to own a suit just like a Hollywood superstar. Usually, when you google search for suit measurements near me, quite a few options are visible. Most of the time we are unsure to try a new suit tailor. Save the entire process of hit and trial, just log on to StudioSuits and buy suits online without any hesitation. StudioSuits, your online suits store, provides the best-in-class options and has cost-effective products with tons of variety. When it comes to custom-made suits, we're your best online tailor suits destination. It’s time to convert those dreams into reality as we specialize in custom-made suits. We can clone any garment for an exceedingly small price.

Frequently Asked Questions - Custom Suits

How do Custom Suits work?

For a custom suit, you only need to give your measurements online and choose the following things.

Select type of fabric, colour, and design.

The number and design of buttons on the jacket and pant.

Style of pockets, trouser, cuffs, and collar.

Type of inner lining, lapel width etc.

On top of this, tailored suits always fit better than ready-made clothes. It's because they are not designed according to an average customer but especially for you.

Where to get my suit tailored?

For impeccable tailoring and quality craftsmanship, consider StudioSuits for your men's handmade suits online. They specialize in creating tailored suits that are sure to elevate your style.

Why StudioSuits for custom-tailored suits?

We assist you and your loved ones with suggestions to pick the right material for your suit. We guide you from the starting line until the end. We never compromise with the choices of our customers as we comprehend the beauty of style and clothing. At StudioSuits, you have the option to get the best custom suit. On the other hand, we are in this business so long as we provide our customers with the choice of sharing the style statements to get custom suits online. Yes, just provide us your measurements and buy custom made suits online.

Is a Custom Suit Worth It?

Custom suits are made-to-measure and fit perfectly compared to the off-the-rack purchases. You can buy custom made suits online that are truly yours; they are made using the best fabrics, perfect construction, and personalization, depending on your personality. Custom suits are definitely worth it for their finer fit and quality.

What Should I Look For In a Custom Suit?

Here are some of the things you need to look into when ordering a customized suit:

Pick the right fabric

Get the measurements rightLook for expert advice

Select durability

Choose the right style and colour hues

Know the style of the store you are purchasing from.

How Long Do Custom Suits Take?

It can be anywhere from 2-3 weeks.

Why Buy a Custom Suit Online?

Ordering custom suits online allow you to choose the color, fabric, design, cuff style, collar style, pockets, and even buttons of the suit to help you create a wardrobe that matches your personality. Your body measurements are taken to handcraft the suit for the best fit and maximum comfort before they are delivered to you. Check out the vast collection of custom suits at StudioSuits right away!

How Do I Know if I Need a Custom Suit?

If you are someone who does not want to compromise on your look but are forced to purchase suits off-the-rack that are a bit too tight or a little too loose, then a custom suit would be just right. Custom-tailored suits online are made to your exact measurement and will offer a finesse, which is hardly attainable with a ready-to-wear suit.

What Color Suits Should a Man Have?

Experts recommend that every man owns a minimum of three custom order suits in three different colors – black, charcoal, and navy blue. These three colored suits can be worn on a variety of occasions such as weddings, interviews, business meetings, or any other formal event. Also, these colors are standard and versatile can be matched with different accessories with great finesse.

Why should I invest in a custom-made suit?

Though there are plenty of options available in the market, let us not forget our size and style are as unique as we are. When the facility to pick and choose is available at the comfort of your home and by the click of a button, why not make the most of it. All you have to do is fill in your measurements and pick your drape and design. I assure you; it cannot get easier than this.

Are, custom suits expensive on the pocket?

Since you as the customer have the option to pick your fabric and style, it is up to you to choose as per you’re paying capacity. Quite a few options starting from $250 are available as well.

Yes, the pricing might grow as per the cost of the cloth and accessories you pick. On the other hand, at times a bespoke suit with fine drape and exquisite style can cost you somewhere between $2500 to $4500.

Online portal saves you the hassle of finding your style that fits your budget.

What is the difference between custom-made and bespoke?

There is a slight difference between custom-made and bespoke.

Custom-made garments are made for you from scratch, here you pick a design and style. It is stitched as per your measurements. You have the freedom to copy any design as there are no charges for the original design. It can be a common style that is very much in fashion.

Well, on the other hand, bespoke designs are exclusive designs that are curated for special events by designers. The cost of the design itself adds to the price of the suit. It thus, increases the overall cost of the final product. Typically, bespoke products are unique and no second original copy is made available.

What do you mean by made-to-measure suits?

It is a fully customizable suit or jacket. The one that is impeccably made from the measurements provided by the customer.

Any formal or casual wear suit or jacket can be made to order as per your requirements. It is the same as custom-made suits. The best one can be ordered from StudioSuits online. It saves time and money for the customer.

Nowadays, millennials prefer to place an order online from the comfort of their dwellings. As the competition is strong among the online stores, it is the customer who benefits. Once the garments are curated as per designs, they are delivered to the customer directly.

Discover the fun of wearing a custom-made suit that is specially made for you. Do not be afraid to experiment with design and styles. Wear the design you have always cherished.