Shaving Cream vs Lotion vs Gel

Shaving Cream vs Lotion vs Gel

Shaving is an integral part of every man's grooming routine. When you are getting ready for work in the morning, chances are you shave -- unless you are going for the five o'clock shadow look, in which case you may want to skip a day or two. While having a clean, sharp razor blade is essential to getting a good shave, your choice of moisturizer is equally as important.

Creams, Lotions, Gels. Oh My!

There are three different types of moisturizing and conditioning products that are intended for use when shaving: shaving creams, lotions, and gels. All three are designed to protect your skin from nicks and cuts, making them a critical tool in your morning grooming routine. Granted, you can still shave without shaving cream, lotion or gel, but you place yourself at risk for cuts and other irritation in doing so. This is why it's recommended that you always apply a consistent coat of moisturizer to your face and neck before shaving.

Beware of Alcohol-Based Shaving Creams and Gels

When choosing between the different shaving creams, lotions and gels, check the ingredients to make sure "alcohol" isn't listed at the top. What's wrong with using an alcohol-based shaving cream or gel? It may help to kill bacteria and germs, but it can also be downright painful to use. You have to remember that small cuts form in your skin as you shave. The vast majority of these cuts are so small, however, that you won't even feel them. But when you use an alcohol-based shaving cream or lotion, you can and WILL feel the burn.

Reasons to Use Shaving Gel

The vast majority of men prefer shaving cream; it's cheap, easy to use, and works well for a variety of occasions. Just because it's the most popular choice, however, doesn't necessarily mean that it is the best. Shaving gel offers many of the same benefits as shaving cream, but it also allows for greater control over the styling of your beard and/or mustache. Assuming you maintain a well-manicured beard or mustache, you may want to choose a shaving gel for this very reason. If you prefer a smooth, clean shave, however, it's probably best to stick with a traditional shaving cream.