The Importance of Shaving with a Sharp Razor

The Importance of Shaving with a Sharp Razor

When was the last time you replaced your razor? I think we've all been guilty of trying to stretch a little more life out of our razors, partly because they are so expensive. It's not uncommon for premium razors to cost $5 bucks a piece, making the otherwise normal task of shaving downright costly. But you should think twice before attempting to shave with an old razor, because it may do more harm than good.

Protects Against Razor Bumps

Shaving with a sharp and clean razor blade will naturally reduce your risk of developing razor bumps. As you may already know, razor bumps form when hair follicles begin to grow underneath the skin rather than out. While not necessarily a medically concerning issue, they may trigger symptoms like itching, burning and redness. You can reduce your risk of developing razor bumps by shaving with sharp and clean razor. While there's no fool-proof way to prevent razor bumps from forming, shaving with a clean and sharp razor will dramatically reduce the risk of them occurring.

Get a Smoother Shave

Another reason why you should always shave with a sharp razor is because it promotes a smoother shave. When you run a dull razor against your skin, it won't be able to effectively cut through all of the hair follicles. Some follicles may receive a clean cut, whereas others may be torn instead. Why is this a problem? Well, when you don't get a smooth shave, some of the hairs will become damaged and pulled in different directions, which again may result in razor bumps as well as other forms of irritation.

Prevents Infection

Last but not least, shaving with a clean razor will help prevent infection. It's a little-known fact that infections may develop when shaving with a dull razor. This is especially true when the razor is rusted, as microorganisms living on the blade will settle inside your pores, at which point an infection will form. Infections involving the face and neck are serious, so don't take this lightly. The bottom line is that you should check your razor before shaving each time to ensure it's clean and sharp. If you notice it's not shaving as well as it once did, it's probably time to throw it out and replace it with a new one. Using a clean and sharp razor will allow you to get a smoother shave while reducing your risk of infection and razor bumps.