Studio Suits provides a unique perspective on purchasing custom suits, jackets, and trousers. We are a traditional tailor that is able to produce our products using hand techniques to create custom clothing. Our team members consist of skilled craftsmen who are involved in the design process from beginning to end.

Designs to Fit You

Our custom tailored suits are created to not only fit your body, but also your personality. Our custom suits are created for every body type, including shape and size, as well as individual physical needs. We know that non-conforming, yet still eye catching styles are important to many of our Los Angles customers. We carry a wide range of custom suits including wool, linen, tweed, corduroy, cotton, and even tuxedos. In addition to our tailored suits, we also have a selection of pre set sizes for customers who know exactly what size they wear and would prefer this quick order option. Our stock includes several accessory options including ties, bow ties, and pocket squares.

How Studio Suits Works

Our take on finely tailored suits provides customers with a shopping option that they’ve never had before. Our suits are customized to the individual. To begin the process, select the garments and additional options. Then record your measurements using our detailed step by step process. We then create your garments to flatter your exact dimensions and have them delivered to Los Angles, directly to your front door.

Contact Us Today

Our custom jackets, trousers, and suits are ideal for any occasion. From your wedding day to a gala event, we have the perfect selection. With hundreds of options beginning at the low price of $190, not only will your suit compliment your appearance but also your wallet. For more information about Studio Suits contact us at support@studiosuits.com.