Studio Suits is an established leader in the design and creation of customized clothing. Our tailored suits are ideal selections for men in Sacramento of all shapes, sizes, styles and physical needs. Our master craftsmen work diligently to create personalized, tailored suits and clothing using trusted hand techniques from start to finish. Our eye catching designs include suits, jackets, and trousers as well as the accessories to compliment them. We ensure through our design process that our customers will have a custom suit that is affordable, stylish, and flattering.

Tailored to Your Specification

Our tailored suits are designed to your exact measurements. When ordering from Studio Suits, our customer first selects a garment along with options on style and material from our gallery. Our materials include wool, cotton, linen, tweed, and more. Then we have you take exact measurements using our easy to follow fit guide. After receiving your measurements our designers get to work creating an item that is custom tailored just for you. We then send your new custom suit, trousers, or jacket directly to your door in Sacramento!

High Quality at a Low Price

We use traditional half canvas construction for our jackets, individually cut shoulder pads, and hand sew all of our buttons. Our tailors also ensure that patterns and stripes on fabric match up perfectly. Our jackets are created to be functional as well as elegant and retain a smooth appearance whether you’re wearing it opened or closed. Our custom suits start at the low price of $190, allowing you top fashion and style options for an amazingly affordable price.

Contact Us Today

At Studio Suits, in addition to custom tailored suits we also carry pre cut suits. These are excellent options for customers who are sure of their size. Our custom design options also come with our fit guarantee; in the event that your suit does not fit perfectly we will provide up to $75 to correct the fit at a local tailor or remake the piece entirely. For more information about Studio Suits, contact us at