Gray Suits

A gray suit is elegant and versatile. You can wear it to most occasions, including your wedding, and stand out - in a good way! Grey men's suits come in multiple shades. You can choose the gray you prefer or pick different shades of gray suits to add more variety to your wardrobe. We carry a vast range of gray suits - explore your choices right away.
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Grey Suits

A gray suit is the perfect way to add some variety to your wardrobe while still maintaining a professional look. Gray is an incredibly versatile color that can be paired with a wide range of shirt and tie combinations. Plus, it is sure to make you stand out from the sea of black and navy suits that are so common in the business world.

Whether you opt for a light gray suit for summer or a dark gray suit for winter, you can be confident that you will look sharp and stylish in any setting. So why not add a grey suit to your closet today? It just might become your new favorite go-to outfit.

For a formal occasion, such as a wedding, you can't go wrong with a classic gray suit. Pair it with a white shirt and tie, and you're good to go

Different shades of Gray

When you picture mens gray suit, it can be in a light, dark or charcoal gray color. A silver suit also falls in this category.

Light Grey

A light gray suit for men is less formal than other variations of the color. You may have spotted light grey suits at a semi-formal event, country club party or beach wedding. It is more of a morning suit and has a softer vibe than, say, a charcoal gray suit. You could also wear one to make a trendy business casual or smart-casual statement.

Tips on wearing light grey suits
Formal style

- You cannot go wrong with the gray suit-white shirt combination or the gray suit-black shirt combination, as both exude a professional and stylish aesthetic.

- Powder blue and pastel shades like lilac and light greens look pale next to gray. For an attractive contrast, consider blue, green or lilac striped or checkered shirts.

- Spice it up with a pocket square or patterned tie

- Perfect your ensemble by complementing your gray suit with brown shoes.

Casual style

- Patterned shirts team nicely with light gray

- White leather shoes and light gray suits are a fail-safe combo (you can pump up the casual vibe with white trainers)

- If you're a fan of contrasts, consider burgundy, brown and black shoes

Dark gray suits

A dark gray suit for men should be on your radar if you're interested in power dressing. This is because darker shades of gray are more formal than lighter hues and make a strong statement. It's a bit difficult to dress down with a dark grey suit, but that doesn't mean you cannot experiment with different colors or looks. Here are some ideas:
Pair with a white, light blue or pink shirt, or bolder colors like red, burgundy or dark green. They add a pop of color without looking over the top.Create a classic look with a burgundy or navy tie. Dark green and brown ties also look great.Ooze sophistication with a gray suit-black turtleneck combo. A black dress shirt can also achieve the same effect.Black or brown Chelsea boots look chic with a dark gray suit.

Charcoal Gray

Charcoal gray is a very dark shade of gray with a hint of blue. It's a subtle alternative to black. Some may argue that mens charcoal gray suit looks sleeker than the classic black suit.

Discover our exclusive range of tailor-made groomsmen gray suits, designed to elevate your wedding party with impeccable style and individualized elegance. A charcoal suit is the top choice for grooms everywhere - if your big day is coming up in a few months, have a look at our wedding suits collection. If not, there are still plenty of reasons to upgrade your wardrobe with our gray suit for men. A well-fitted charcoal gray suit makes a strong impression when you walk into a room. "As you may imagine, charcoal gray suits are best suited to formal occasions - business dinners, executive meetings, baptisms, wedding receptions and other formal ceremonies. Check out these tips on styling charcoal gray suits:

Play it safe with the classic charcoal suit-white shirt pairing with brown or tan  shoe colors. Style it with navy, burgundy or green tie. Lapel pins and pocket squares enhance the refined air of charcoal gray suits.

Silver Suits

A silver suit is dressy and pretty dramatic. You should consider it if you want to 'shine' literally and figuratively. As it catches attention quickly, a silver suit may look out of place at solemn events, job interviews and client meetings. But it's pretty well-suited to occasions like marriages and farewell parties. And you're attending a glitzy event, hosting a party or judging a contest, by all means make your presence felt with an expertly tailored silver suit. Here are some pairing tips:
 Silver goes well with neutrals like black and white, and pastels like light pinks, blues, pinks and purples. Shirts in these hues will complement your silver suit.A black, navy blue or red tie adds a regal touch to silver suits.Black, brown, tan and burgundy shoes complement silver suits.A black or yellow bow tie is a creative addition to your silver suit ensemble.

Patterned gray suits

Patterned suits add depth to your formal style and extend your wardrobe. Grey is a great blank canvas for small and large prints. Question is - how do you pick wisely? Here are some rules to follow:

Small patterns are dressy and fall on the formal end of the style spectrum. Large prints are considered less formal.A patterned gray suit and crisp white dress shirt is a classic pairing. It's easy to put together, and you can rest assured that you've nailed the combination!You could put together a patterned suit-patterned suit ensemble. But be sure not to match print size. For example, if your suit has a small pattern, wear a shirt that has a large pattern, and vice-versa.Neutrals shirt colors are a fail-safe pairing with patterned gray suits.A patterned suit, on its own, creates enough visual interest. Accessories and statement shoes don't harmonize well with patterned gray suits, and are better paired with plain gray suits.

Gray deserves your love!

While gray is a popular color in men's suits, it's not every man's cup of tea. It's ultimately a matter of preference and mental comfort. If you're used to wearing black or navy suits, go for a grey suit only when you feel ready. Make sure to pair it with the right shirt and tie when attending formal events. For semi-formal or casual occasions, you can skip the tie and wear your gray suit with a tee, polo or turtleneck shirt.

If you love gray suits and want to add a new one to your wardrobe, you'll love our collection. Have a look at gray suits in various fabrics, colors and elegant patterns. You'll be investing in a quality piece. Find your next gray suit and boost your style confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions - Gray Suit

What is the best occasion to wear a gray suit?

It's a good idea to match the shade of gray to the occasion and season. A light gray suit has a less formal vibe than its dark gray or charcoal gray counterparts, making it more suitable for semi-formal and casual events. It's best reserved for warm months. Darker shades of grey exude a formal air, and charcoal in particular, can substitute a black suit for any formal affair. They work better in the cooler months.

What should I keep in mind when buying a gray suit?

The suit should fit you well. Gray suits look better in slim and extreme slim fits that create a trim chest, shoulder and waist, and have fitted sleeves. A modern fit is the next best option as it offers a close fit to the chest and body. A classic fit, which has more room in the chest and body, isn't the best option for a gray suit. However, if you need to wear a gray suit in a larger size, you should go for it.

What do gray suits signify?

That you're fashion-forward! Grey suits are in fashion and because they fit formal and casual dress codes with equal aplomb. They're also a practical purchase. You can look good, have fun and enjoy peace of mind that you're not buying something you'll never or hardly wear!

I'm in my 20s. Should I wear a gray suit?

Well, there's no rule that you should wear a gray suit because it matches your hair! So no, a gray suit won't look 'old' on you. Suit colors make statements about your style not your age. Still worry about a grey suit being 'low-key' or 'mature'? We suggest buying it in a patterned design or teaming it with a turtleneck, or having fun with different shirt and tie combinations.

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