Blue Suits

The blue suit is a staple in every man's wardrobe. It can be paired with anything and will never go out of style, which makes it perfect for all occasions. Explore our diverse range of impeccably tailored suits, ranging from classic navy blue suits to vibrant hues, ensuring you make a lasting impression wherever you go.
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Blue Suit

Everything about a Blue Suit is fantastic! When it comes to today's menswear designers, blue is the color of choice when it comes to the modern colorful suit. There is no need to mention that the color is easy to match with most shoes and is also a great way to tone down the waistline.

 While it may seem like an obvious choice for business, weddings, or an important first date, many men this season are opting for blue suit combinations to achieve an elemental and elegant look. This is all you need to do to project an air of refinement and class. Even more so if it is joined by other quality accessories. It is for this reason that this suit ensemble stands out.

When it comes to wearing mens blue suit, the options are endless. You can go for a classic navy blue suit or a more daring powder blue suit. The great thing about blue is that it comes in so many different shades, so you can really find the perfect one to suit your individual style.

Looking to venture into the world of formalwear? Or do you need to upgrade your current repertoire? Look no further!

Explore StudioSuits’ wide collection of luxury blue suits. We offer a wide range of fabrics, patterns, and design options. From the classic blue wool suit to the gentlemanly county-style blue tweed suit, you’re sure to find something that can showcase your personal style perfectly!

Step out as a classy gentleman with StudioSuits’ Blue Suits for Men today! 

Shades of Blue

It is important to think about a few things before you get in touch with your favorite tailor to get the perfect shade of blue. To begin, if you're going to a formal event, wear something dark or neutral in color. For example, royal blue or navy blue is one of those universally flattering colors. We are not opposed to using shades of sky blue or even electric blue.In the end, it is only that bright blue clothing is appropriate for some occasions. You can read about some shades of blue below.

The navy blue mens suit, a classic and versatile option among various shades of blue, exudes elegance and timelessness. Its deep hue complements a range of styles, making it a go-to choice for both formal and casual occasions, embodying sophistication in every wear. A navy suit may be dressed up with a three piece suit or down  with jeans and sneakers, depending on the situation. 
Blue suits are a more current alternative for the man who doesn't desire a large suit collection. Only one suit is OK, but it must be blue because it is so versatile. The classic blue suit stands as an iconic wardrobe essential, boasting timeless appeal and versatility in its hue.
Because the dark blue attire is so similar to a black suit, getting dressed is a breeze. Those who want to stay on the safe side of things would appreciate this. The dark blue suit has resemblance to black that allows for easy coordination, ensuring a refined and polished look on any occasion.
Suit shoppers seeking a midway ground will appreciate the light blue suit as an excellent choice. A classic suit is fine, but if you're looking for something a little more daring, this might be a fantastic alternative for you. As a final touch, don't forget to accessorize with an excellent watch, well-groomed hair, and a matching necktie.
A polo or golf club luncheon is the most common setting for the baby blue suit, which is a semi-formal option. A guy who wears a new suit every day can't get any better than this one when it comes to suiting! When you're at the beach, golf club, or neighborhood bar, who is the best-dressed guy? Outfitting your baby blue suit with the proper attire is the greatest way to get the most out of it.
If you're in the market for a blue suit, but don't want to go with the standard navy, royal blue is a great option. It has a bit more personality than your average navy suit, but it's still versatile enough to wear to most occasions. And if you're worried that a royal blue suit will be too loud, don't be – there are plenty of different ways to style it so that it doesn't stand out too much.

What accessories to bind with your blue suit?

Wearing your blue mens suit is not the only task you needed to complete to look trendy and eye-catching but there are other accessories to match and contrast with your outfit.

  • Make sure to contrast your shirt with your blue suit to make it look more alluring.
  • The other important thing to count is your selection of matching or contrasted ties to complete the upper formal wear look.
  • Last but not least is your choice of shoe color as it counts the most in rating your personality.

What is the best shirt pick for a blue suit?

Blue suit with a white shirt
Dark blue suits look great with white shirts. Dark blue suits go well with white shirts. When dressed right, a white shirt with a blue suit is a winning combo. A white shirt and matching slacks are laid over a blue suit. Traditional attire includes a white button-up shirt and a pair of clean white shoes. How many ways can you wear this blue suit combination? Choosing a tie to match your blue suit and white shirt is an important part of completing the look.
Blue suit with a lavender shirt
Contrasting your blue suit with the lavender shirt is enticing because it gives you the royal look. The piercing shade of lavender makes your blue suit look more interesting. It is the perfect choice to wear this contrast especially when you are heading to an open-air party or getting together with your friends or colleagues. 
Blue suits with pink shirts 
The pairing of a blue suit with a light pink shirt embodies manly charm. The shade of pink gives your blue suit an elegant yet bold look. It is the perfect choice to wear this pairing when you are especially meeting with your partner on a date and your partner may be into a bold yet elegant look. 
Blue suits with black shirts 
Black shirts with blue suits give off a royal look which tends to attract the attention of people besides you. The blue suit black shirt combination gives off a bold look while it also plays its role in making you look extremely charming and breathtaking. This pairing of blue suits with black shirts is mostly for when you have a meeting to attend or for when you have plans for meeting with someone out on a date. 
Blue suits with red shirts 
A guy’s wardrobe is something that needs changes once in a while. Wearing the same white shirt with a blue suit continuously may not look pleasing. If looking for a change, try pairing dark shades of blue with re

What color tie goes with a blue suit

It can be said that contrasting a tie with mens blue suit is one of the most worrying tasks. You may be pairing your blue suit with bold or light colors of shirts but at the same time to complete the look you have to look for a perfect color tie that will help you to look charming. A perfect blue suit tie combo is what keeps the suit’s charm.
Red tie with the blue suit 
A red tie gives a powerful look to dark blue suits. Having a red tie is one of the best choices as it fits perfectly with blue suits and also tends to give off the feeling of being royalty. A blue suit looks much more charming and powerful if it is paired with a red tie. A blue suit may be paired with any color tie but having it paired with red is the option. 
Black tie with the blue suit 
When going to any event where you may have to look classic, it is preferred to have a black-tie. The use of a black tie with navy blue suit is a versatile, classic and one of the best options when you wear a tie at any event.
Burgundy tie with a blue suit 
The combination of burgundy and blue is very acceptable. Using this luxurious and stylish combination will give your blue suit a lift. The pairing of the blue suit with  burgundy tie is what you should opt for while going to a business party or any formal event.
Grey tie with the blue suit 
Make an effort to make your tie match your blue suit with a grey tie. If you're wearing a white shirt blue suit, make sure your shirt is a different shade of white. Consequently, a dark navy suit is the most straightforward method to dress up a charcoal grey shirt.

What color shoes with the blue suit?

Keep in mind that the darker your suit, the darker your shoes should be. Wearing blue suits does not need straying too far from your comfort zone. Stick to brown or black dress shoes when you wear a typical blue suit and brown shoe combination.
Brogues with the blue suit 
With its elegant demeanor, the brogue style is a good match for blue suits. A grey or black suit is the traditional pairing for an Oxford shoe, but we love it with our favorite formal blue suit.
Monk strap with a blue suit 
With the return of the blue suit, the Monk Strap is making a comeback. It had a brief cameo in the early 2010s. This leather-lace-covered oxford may be paired with a dark blue suit for a more formal look. Check out these if you want to show off your fashion prowess.
Oxford with the blue suit 
These are your best choices if you're looking for something more conventional. The oxford shoe, with its smooth leather surface, laces, and minimal embellishments, is an excellent choice for a suit and tie occasion.
Loafers with a blue suit 
Loafers are making a comeback as a result of the casual atmosphere created by the pandemic. Loafers are a good choice for a suit occasion.

Get A Made-to Measure Blue Suit from StudioSuits Today!

Every man owes it to himself to have at least one blue suit in his wardrobe. Not only is it classy and elegant, but a well-tailored blue suit can also boost your confidence and turn heads no matter where you go.

In addition to dozens of sophisticated cuts and designs, we also offer a wide range of fabric options,from the classic blue denim tweed suit to refined blue linen suits or luxurious blue velvet suits. Moreover, StudioSuits also offer many different patterns to suit your personal preferences, from timeless checkered to iconic houndstooth.

Furthermore, every men’s suit from StudioSuits is made-to-measure and fully customizable. So, you can be sure to get the perfect tailored suit every time!

Forget spending long hours to browse different stores and visit the tailor! With StudioSuits, all you need to do is pick your favorite suit style and provide us with your measurements. Don’t forget to consult any fit and style alterations you need. 

And just like that, you’ll be able to receive the perfect blue suit for your next big event!

What are you waiting for? 

Step out in style with a timeless and elegant blue suit for men from StudioSuits today! 


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