Winter-Weather Suit Tips for Men

Winter-Weather Suit Tips for Men

Does your job/occupation require you to wear a suit to work? With the winter season fast approaching, you'll probably need to transition your apparel for a warmer, more appropriate style. While linen suits and similar lightweight jackets and pants are excellent for the spring and summer, they offer minimal insulation. As a result, wearing them during the winter can be uncomfortable at times. So, what can you do to stay warm and fashionable this winter?

Choose a Heavier Suit Fabric

The fabric of a men's suit will play a key role in overall warmth, so don't underestimate this element when choosing a suit for the winter season. Generally speaking, the lighter and thinner a fabric is, the less insulation it will offer. Lightweight fabrics aren't necessarily a bad thing, but it's generally best to wear them during the spring and summer months while choosing heavier, thicker fabrics for the winter. Tweed suits are an all-around great choice of winter wear for men, due to their semi-thick composition of woolen fabric. Certain types of cotton suits may also work well for the winter months, so long as they are thick and well-made.

Wear Thick Socks

Don't forget to wear thick, well-insulated socks during the winter. Many men automatically wear thin "dress socks" with suits. While such dress socks are fine for the spring and summer, they are usually too thin for the winter. This is why it's recommended that you wear thicker wool socks instead.

Wear an Undershirt

In addition to choosing a heavier, thicker suit fabric, you also keep warm during the winter by wearing an undershirt. Something as simple as an undershirt can make a world of difference in your warmth and comfort. Just remember to choose an undershirt that's discreet and matches with the rest of your outfit. If you are worried about the collar showing, you can always choose a V-neck style instead of the standard crew-cut. Doing so will hide your undershirt so it's not visible.

Winter-Weather Accessories

Of course, you can also stay warm while wearing a suit this winter by pairing it with the right accessories. A cap, scarf and pair of gloves will help keep your extremities warm. And best of all, you can easily remove accessories such as this once you reach the office.