Why You Should Only Choose Custom Tailored Suits

Why You Should Only Choose Custom Tailored Suits

You can tell a lot about a man by the suit choices he makes. Your suit is a very important part of your brand image, because as you must realize by now, you are a brand. Every time you meet somebody new, you're making a sales presentation. The brand you want people to invest in is you, but how do you get them to make that kind of decision? Really it's a lot simpler than you may think.

There are just three rules you need to follow very strictly if you want to ensure favorable outcomes in your business and social dealings. These are:

  1. Always dress appropriately according to the environment you are going to be in
  2. Avoid the "cheap Charlie" look, whatever it takes
  3. Consider carefully everything you intend to say before you say it

If you can successfully follow those three simple rules, it would be very difficult for you to fail. The third of these rules is something you'll have to develop on your own. The other two rules we can cover in this article, because they're closely related.

When you want to do business, you should look the part. You already know this means you should wear a suit, but there are many different styles of suits, so how do you know which one to choose? At this point it's good to remember rule 2, you don't want a cheap image. That does not necessarily mean you rush out and buy an expensive suit, because there's a difference between low cost and cheap. In fact something can be quite expensive and still look cheap. What you really should try and find is the opposite: something that looks like it ought to be very expensive but actually isn't. In this way you get value, and having a good sense for value is the most important trait a good businessman can have.

So the obvious first thing you'll bear in mind is that you will have to avoid those terribly common and thoroughly unpleasant machine made suits that you find in menswear shops. Those are not for successful people, those are for people who take shortcuts and who don't know any better. As a matter of fact, those suits are terrible value, and wearing them stamps you as somebody who does not make good decisions. That's hardly the kind of impression you'll want to be making on people.

Only a custom tailored suit can help you fully comply with the first two rules of making a good impression. When your suit is made especially for you, that means it is designed from the very beginning with your needs in mind, and it will help you create exactly the kind of impression you want to create. You really shouldn't settle for anything less.

By showing that you have a sense of style and good taste, that you take care of your appearance, and that you invest in quality, you will gain the confidence of your audience. They'll know that you know how to use money appropriately, and that you can be trusted to make good decisions.

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