Why You Should Avoid Buying Off-the-Rack Suits

Why You Should Avoid Buying Off-the-Rack Suits

A suit is something that every man should own, regardless of his occupation. If you work in an office with a formal or semi-formal dress code, perhaps you'll be required to wear one. But even if you don't work in a job that requires workers to wear a suit, there are certain occasions that call for one. This includes weddings, funerals, formal parties and dinner events, and some business meetings. But you should take the time to choose the right suit, because not all are made equal. Some suits are designed with standard measurements and sold as is. Known as "off-the-rack" suits, they are among the most common type of men's suits sold in local retail and department stores. Just because they are common, however, doesn't necessarily mean they are the best choice. If you want to find a suit that fits just right and offers the highest style available, it's best to avoid these generic suits. To learn more about the nuances between off-the-rack suits and other styles, and why you should avoid buying an off-the-rack suit, keep reading. We're going to take a closer look into the different ways men's suits are made and sold, revealing the best way to find the perfect fit.

What is an Off-The-Rack Suit?

Before we reveal why exactly off-the-rack suits are a poor choice, let's first break down the definition of this term, as many people are likely hearing about it for the first time. An off-the-rack suit is exactly what it sounds like: a suit that's sold as is, right off the rack. They are produced in a range of standard sizes, designed to fit the majority of men. This makes off-the-rack suits a popular choice for retailers, simply because they don't have to alter or otherwise customize them in any way, shape or form. It's important to note that most off-the-rack suits are not canvassed. Rather, they are fused with the interlining being glued to the shell using a high-heat process. This saves both time and money for the manufacturer, but at the cost of quality. Fusing typically results in a lack of support for the suit's canvas structure, making them more susceptible to damage over time. 3854120822_76288048c4_z1

You Probably Won't Find the Right Size

Now that you know a little bit about off-the-rack suits, let's talk about why they are a poor choice. For starters, you'll probably have trouble finding the right size. As stated above, off-the-rack suits are designed to fit the average man. The problem -- well one of the problems -- is that no two men have the exact same body shape or size. Sure, some men share similar waist sizes, but they probably have different measurements in their chest, shoulders, legs, etc. As such, it's nearly impossible to find an off-the-rack men's suit that fits perfectly. You have to remember that different men have different body shapes and sizes. You might get lucky and find an off-the-rack suit that fits just right, but this rarely happens. A more plausible

They are Low Quality

While there are always exceptions to this rule, off-the-rack suits are typically made with low-quality materials and craftsmanship. After all, they are manufactured for the masses, not for individual men. And when suits are made for the masses, they are typically made with little-to-no regard for quality. This doesn't necessarily mean that all off-the-rack suits are low quality. But most fashion experts will agree that custom-made suits are higher quality than their counterparts. So if you want a suit that's going to last and withstand the hands of time, it's best to avoid this style.

It Will Cost You More in the Long Run

The upfront cost of an off-the-rack suit may appear lower than other suits, but you'll probably end up spending more in the long run. There are two reasons for this, first and foremost off-the-rack suits are low quality, making them more susceptible to damage. Secondly, you'll probably have to take your off-the-rack suit to a tailor so it fits better. This will cost you more money, negating the otherwise cost-savings benefits offered by this generic style of men's suits.

So, What Type of Suit Should I Choose?

If you aren't supposed to buy an off-the-rack suit, then what type of suit should you buy? That's the million-dollar question. And while it may seem like a complicated question, there's actually an easy answer to it: choose a made-to-measure or bespoke suit. Both of these styles are customized according to the customer's measurements. A made-to-measure suit, for instance, lives up to its namesake in the sense that it's made according to the customer's measurements. The customer provides his own measurements to the retailer to clothing company, at which point the suit is tailored to fit him. You don't have to worry about choosing a suit that doesn't fit. As long as you provide the correct measurements, a made-to-measure suit will fit your body perfectly. And there's nothing more satisfying than finding a suit that fits just right.

The Bottom Line...

When given the option between an off-the-rack or made-to-measure suit, it's best to choose the latter. Sure, you might get lucky and find a suit that fits your body perfectly at a local retail or department store, but this rarely happens. Instead, you'll probably spend countless hours scouring the stores to no avail, with the only suits available for sale being either too big or too small -- or suits that simply don't fit right. But opting for a made-to-measure suit, such as the ones sold here StudioSuits, provide peace of mind knowing that it's tailored specifically for your body. You provide the measurements when ordering and we'll customize your suit so it fits just right. This takes the burden of crossing your fingers and "hoping" that a suit fits right off your shoulders. As long as you provide the right measurements, you can rest assured knowing that it will fit. Finding the perfect men's suit doesn't get any easier than this!