What's your suit style?

Suit shopping can be very confusing because of the variety of styles, fabrics and colors available to you. When buying a ready-made suit, you are limited by the options available in the store. But when getting one custom made for you, you have many more options. All suits are not the same, and you have to be careful to ensure that the suit you choose is the right one for you and the occasion you intend it for. Here is a brief on some of the types of suits you might encounter: One-button – Made popular by jazz musicians in the 1970s, this style is appropriate for social gatherings rather than business meetings or the workplace. It looks great on skinny body types, but you need to be sure you can carry this rebellious style with panache before you invest in one! Two-button style – Perhaps the most common style of suit, it looks good on all body types and is one of the few styles that flatters shorter or rounder body types. A 2-button suit is a great thing to have in your wardrobe. If you don’t have on already, buy one right now!

 Three-button style – Most suitable to taller men, it makes a great business suit. It even has the added advantage of making you look slimmer, sharper and younger! It is a classic style that should have a place in every man’s wardrobe.

 Double-breasted – A very conservative yet stylish suit, it looks best on taller men. It can look very impressive as it accents the stature of the wearer. It features four or six buttons in the front, making it a very unique style statement.

Tuxedo – Whether you are dressing up for the prom or a wedding, the tuxedo is the go-to style! The ultimate fashion statement, it is a necessity for black-tie events. Choose from single-breasted, double-breasted, shawl collar and other types of tuxedos. James Bond, anyone?

 Mandarin Suit – It has an oriental influence and gives a very sharp and stylish look to the wearer. Because it has a raised collar, it doesn’t require the neckwear traditionally worn with a suit. Like wearing suits but hate wearing ties?

A Mandarin style suit is the answer.  So go ahead and choose the best suit for yourself according to your body type and personal suit style!