What To Look For In a Men's Sports Watch

What To Look For In a Men's Sports Watch

5966718667_cb99f4898d_z If you’re an active person who enjoys outdoor sports and activities, you’ll need a sports watch to help you keep track of time. Most dress watches are too heavy, bulky and simply aren’t made for heavy physical activity. While there’s no fashion rule stating you can’t wear them, you’ll quickly learn they aren’t convenient for sports and the outdoors. Because of this, it’s recommended that you purchase a sports watch to wear separately when you’re outside.

Comfortable Wristband

In my opinion, this is the single most important feature to look for in a sports watch. When you’re jogging, playing basketball, Frisbee or some other activity, your wrists are certain to go through a lot of rapid motions. Metal wristbands are quite possibly the worst, as they’ll rub your arm wrist raw during activities. Instead, shop around for a more comfortable solution, such as leather or even velcro nylon. These are sure to offer more comfort and less irritation during your activities.

Scratch-Resistant Crystal

No matter how hard you try to prevent it, chances are you’re going to bang and scratch the crystal of your watch. Although, certain sports watches are made with scratch-resistance crystals to help lessen the effect of nicks and bangs. It’s not a foil-proof method for protecting your watch from certain blows, but it’s sure to help during your activities. In the event that your crystal becomes overly damaged, you can have it replaced at most watch repair shops.


Even if you don’t plan on swimming with your watch, you should still make sure it’s water resistant. If you’re out jogging and it starts raining cats and dogs, you can rest assured knowing that your watch isn’t going to malfunction or break. With that said, some sports watches are actually waterproof and are suitable for diving up to so many meters deep. At first, you may feel awkward jumping into a pool wearing your watch, but these watches are built to prevent any and all moisture from seeping into the gears.

Stop Watch and Other Features

Runners know how important a stopwatch feature is on a watch. If you ever want to improve your running time, you need to know how long it originally took you to complete. Some sports watches have a lot of extra fancy features, but I’ve found that a basic stop watch is all you need 90% of the time. Just make sure that it’s able to keep fractions of a second as well, as this is crucial when determining your speed and overall effectiveness in track, swim and other sports.