What is a Seersucker? History and Styling Tips for a Seersucker Suit

What is a Seersucker? History and Styling Tips for a Seersucker Suit

If there is anything you need from the clothes you wear, especially during the summer season, it is to stay cool and comfortable. Seersucker suits for men will give you that feeling you need. Men who live in warm climates have come to appreciate the seersucker fabric. Striped seersucker is another modern style you rock anytime. 

To achieve a more contemporary outlook, you can wear a thinner striped suit or a wider stripe, leaning more toward a classic appearance. The good thing about this material is that apart from the Seersucker suit mens collection, you can find shirts, jackets, pants, ties, and pocket squares of the same fabric. Here is a comprehensive guide on the seersucker history, plus styling tips on wearing different types of outfits.

What is Seersucker?

Even though this fabric has evolved to have a touch of Southern image, what is seersucker? Seersucker fabric is known for being lightweight and breathable. You can look at the appearance to see the puckering on them- which is quite apparent. 

The puckered texture is the trademark of this type of fabric. When weaving the fabric together, some threads are made to be a bit loose while others are tighter. The end product combines a smooth and coarse texture stripe pattern. 

This is a fantastic fabric you can wear for your next outing. So whether you are looking for a seersucker suit, jacket, pants, ties, or even pocket square, it's always a delight to wear in the summer

History of Seersucker Fabric

We can trace back the Seersucker origin to many centuries ago when the fabric first came into existence. What seemed to be a thing in the Indian subcontinent soon found its way out of the borders of India to the world. 

We cannot discuss Seersucker's history without examining how the name came about.  The name was pronounced in the Persian language as "shir-o-shakar." 

"Shir," meaning milk, and "shakhar," meaning sugar. They claimed that the fabric has a dual nature, which is that it has a smooth and coarse texture. From there, massive exports of this fabric began to happen. Traders who brought goods from India to the West sold many of them there, and from there, it became Southern clothing.

Now, for the southern men, the seersucker is a favorite, and they have successfully transformed it in a couple of ways. The goal is to make the fabric a modern and elegant one. 

For the seersucker mens suit, it mainly comes in white with blue stripes on it. While the dominant color remains White and blue, you can also find combinations like white and gray, deep blue and sky blue, white and green, etc. 

How Should Your Seersucker Suit Fit

It is ideal that whenever you want to wear an outfit, you factor in the fitting. For the seersucker suit, it's essential to not only wear a style that you like but also what is comfortable. 

You don't want to wear your outfit hanging low and ugly on your body instead of sitting elegantly on you. Seersucker is a light material and does not have structure. Hence, the tailor should make it with care. 

To get a good fitting for a seersucker jacket, for example, the cloth maker adds a pad at the shoulder to give that area a good fit. The pants must not be slim fit, which is usually not the style for seersucker, but it should fit comfortably from the waist to the ankle. 

Seersucker outfits will always work for a formal or casual event, depending on how you want to combine your clothing. 

Seersucker Suit

If you want timelessness, sophistication, and perfect summer wear, the seersucker suit embodies everything. Initially, this fabric was available as silk, but cotton has now taken over, especially in the US, where its dominance grew. While this fabric might not be the everyday suit option, you can still rock it for weddings, formal meetings, etc.

Preferably, you should go with the light blue thin-striped seersucker suit, layer it inside with a white dress shirt for men, black shoes, and a belt, and finish with a dark blue tie.  These suits fit the body perfectly, and with the right size, you can find the perfect fit. If you want a more dapper look, opt for a custom-made suit. 

Seersucker Jacket

A pair of seersucker jackets is all you need in your wardrobe during the warm weather. You get both comfort and style with a breathable and lightweight seersucker coat or jacket. The fabric is the perfect ensemble, with its puckering showing how sophisticated it can be. 

If you plan on dressing down your attire, a seersucker jacket with jeans for a less formal meeting is a good deal. You can even opt for a custom made seersucker blazer for a wedding with tailored pants. If you want to wear this fabric, you can find various options that suit you perfectly. 

Seersucker Pants

Seersucker screams "south" anytime you think of wearing them. Combining breathability and a puckered design, you can do yourself in this outfit by wearing seersucker pants. Stay cool all day with a garment that helps you relax in the warm weather. 

An excellent option for a casual ensemble, you will love wearing this, especially the cotton pants. Next time you want a fabric for the hot summer months, choose from different colors and pleats available. 

Seersucker Sports Coat

Remember that seersucker fabric gives you various options to wear during the warm summer, so why not explore? One is to try a more informal style like wearing a seersucker sport coat on jeans for a business casual meeting. 

For example, a combination of blue striped seersucker men's sport coat, crisp white shirt, and a pair of jeans or khaki. You can wear a seersucker jacket or sport coat with jeans, khaki, or chinos if you want to dress down your outfit. 

Seersucker Styling Tips

Whatever seer sucker outfit you purchase, the goal is to look good in them. These tips are essential, and they help you wear your fabric better. 

  • Ensure that you wear a fitted attire that won't appear too bulky on your body and make you appear bigger than your size
  • Accessorize your outfit with matching accessories. It is best to wear warm weather fabrics, too, and darker shades that will complement the light shade of your sear sucker outfit
  • Wear nice shoes to complement your clothes. For example, a pair of derby shoes or loafers is perfect