Giza Cotton - The Best Type of Cotton

Giza Cotton - The Best Type of Cotton

Cotton is one of the world’s most popular and widely used textiles. It is made from the fibrous plant matter around the seeds of the cotton plant (genus Gossypium), it’s characterized by its light, fluffy and soft texture, which characterizes Giza cotton as well.  According to some estimates, world production of cotton is roughly 25 million tonnes per year, which translates into about 2.5% of the world’s total arable land. China holds the title of being the world’s largest producer of cotton, though the United States is the world’s largest exporter. Whether you’re looking to buy a new shirt, suit or any other garment, you really can’t go wrong with cotton. Its unique characteristics and low price make it the preferred choice of clothing material. However, not all cotton is made equal. One type of cotton that excels above and beyond the rest is Giza. So, what is Giza cotton, and why is it such a prized variety?

Which Is the Best Cotton in the World? 

Egyptian cotton has an established reputation for being the best cotton in the world. Its softness, strength and premium characteristics only prove the title of Egyptian cotton as being the world’s best.  Giza cotton is a type of high-end cotton that’s grown and harvested in the Middle East. It is a type of Egyptian cotton and is unique in the sense that it’s grown and harvested close to the Nile river, giving it some unique qualities that simply aren’t found elsewhere.

What is Egyptian Giza Cotton?

Egyptian Giza cotton is a type of cotton that is harvested close to the Nile river. Its superior quality lies in the environmental conditions surrounding the region in which it is grown and harvested. The Nile Delta offers the perfect amount of sunlight, humidity (moisture vapor in the air), and nutrient-rich soil to stimulate cotton growth. It’s a perfect combination that helps the cotton plant grow to become a spectacular specimen. The Nile Delta, of course, is a triangular-shaped area in which the Nile River forks opens. It’s so large that astronauts can even see it from space. As all deltas, the Nile Delta is a lush environment that’s never short of water. This is somewhat unique in the Egyptian region, as many other areas suffer from long spells of dryness and drought. With the Nile Delta’s ever-moist characteristics, however, it serves as the perfect environment in which cotton and other plants can grow. Depending on the season, it typically maintains a 60 to 70% relative humidity. This means the air is 60 to 70% filled with moisture vapor. Making humidity in the Nile Delta is just right for Giza. 

Is Giza Cotton the Best Cotton?

Because of the special environmental conditions, Giza cotton is grown in and its superior qualities of softness and breathability among many other qualities, it really makes it the best type of Egyptian cotton in the world.   The Best Type of Cotton There are a few things you should know before you go shopping for Giza. First and foremost, some companies may attempt to sell your “regular” cotton that’s labeled and marketed as Giza. This scam has been going on for years, and unfortunately, there’s no end to it slowing down anytime soon. As a consumer, you need to choose the companies from whom you buy carefully. Avoid fly-by-night companies with little-to-no reputation, and instead, choose a trusted and reliable vendor like StudioSuits. With StudioSuits, you can rest assured knowing that any product labeled with “Giza cotton” is genuine and authentic. You can also expect to pay more for genuine Giza cotton than traditional cotton, but this is one instance in which the saying “you get what you pay for” holds true. This type of cotton comes all the way from Egypt, therefore, it takes a substantial amount of time, work and energy to produce it.  Farmers must carefully grow this type of cotton, and nurture the plant through maturity. Once the plant has matured, the cotton is carefully harvested, processed and shipped to various distribution centers throughout the world. It’s a time-consuming and methodical process that’s needed when producing it. As such, it tends to cost more than conventional cotton. With that said, most people will agree that it’s well worth the investment

Is Giza Cotton the Same as Egyptian Cotton?

Giza cotton is a type of Egyptian cotton as they both originate from the same country. However, Giza is unique in the sense that it's grown and harvested close to the Nile river, giving it some unique qualities like exceptional softness and lightness.  Unless you’ve felt Giza before, you might be wondering what it’s like. Giza is softer and lighter than typical cotton. These qualities make it ideal for use in lightweight clothing, including men’s suits. There’s simply no other material — cotton or otherwise — that feels quite like Giza. The soft and supple texture is unmatched by other fabrics and materials. It’s ideal for the Spring/Summer collection of men’s suits. The reputation of cotton is widely known for its absorbent and breathable qualities. Giza is even better as it is lightweight and has a wonderful softness that will keep your skin cool even in the heat.  This type of cotton can also be dyed many colors. So while white is a common and popular choice, you can find clothes made of Giza in dozens of other colors. Whether you’re looking to buy a new Giza suit in white, black, gray or virtually any other color, it’s probably available. Giza can be dyed just like any other cotton type, only it retains a superior level of quality and comfort. Let’s recap everything we learned today.  Giza is a type of high-end cotton that’s produced and harvested in Egypt. It’s considered the king of all Egyptian cotton and for good reason. It comes from a specific area in Egypt where the conditions are just right for the cotton plant to grow.  While cotton can grow in many regions, The Nile Delta — where Giza is grown and harvested — has the perfect balance of sunlight, humidity, and nutrient-rich soil. If you’re looking for the highest quality cotton available, there’s no substitution for genuine Giza.  Feel free to check out our collection of Cotton Suits products at StudioSuits.