What is a Tie Bar?

What is a Tie Bar?

When shopping for various suit accessories, you may come across something known as a tie bar. Also known as a tie slide or tie clasp, this otherwise small accessory has become increasingly popular in recent years. So, what in the world is a tie bar and how to you wear one?

Tie Bar: Defined

A tie bar/clip lives up to its namesake by featuring a clipping mechanism which secured the back portion of the tie to the front of the shirt. There are literally hundreds of different tie bars on the market, ranging in terms of design, size, material of construction, and more. However, they are all designed with the same basic purpose in mind: to secure the tie to the shirt.

Benefits of Wearing a Tie Bar

The main benefit of wearing a tie bar is its ability to hold your tie in place. It's not uncommon for a tie to swing back and forth, especially for guys who don't wear a jacket or blazer. This isn't necessarily poor fashion etiquette, but many guys prefer the cleaner look that's achieved with a tie bar. By securing your tie to your shirt, it prevents your tie from swinging around while ensuring that's it's upright and symmetrical. And best of all, tie bars are incredibly easy to use, requiring nothing more than a basic clip. Certain types of tie clips may also be used to indicate membership in a club or organization. Participating organizations may hand out custom tie bars to their members, a trend that was first popularized back in the 1920s. Of course, tie bars also offer the benefit of style. Because they are available in so many different colors and designs, you should have little-to-no problem finding one that matches your suit. Just choose a tie bar in a color that contrasts against the color of your tie and voila, you now have a fashionable accessory to enhance your appearance!

How to Wear a Tie Bar

According to MensFitness, tie bars should never be longer than 3/4 of the length of your tie. Assuming your tie bar is within this limit, place it about 1/4 from the top of your tie, using caution not to pinch or bunch your tie. Double-check to make sure the tie bar is secure to your tie and shirt and you are good to go! Sorry if you were expecting more, but that's all it takes to wear a tie bar.