What Is a Flannel Wool Suit? Get the Facts

What Is a Flannel Wool Suit? Get the Facts

You can't choose the perfect suit without considering the fabric from which it's made. While most men prefer cotton or linen suits for the summer, the winter season requires a warmer fabric, such as wool. Wool suits are popular during the winter. You can wear either a two-piece or three-piece wool suit during the winter. Rather than plain wool, though, you may want to choose a flannel wool suit.

Overview of Flannel Wool Suits

Flannel wool suits, such as the Steel Blue Flannel Wool Suit sold here at StudioSuits, are characterized by their use of flannel wool. They are made of 100% flannel wool. You can find them in different colors, patterns, styles and sizes. Nonetheless, flannel wool suits are made entirely of flannel wool.

Flannel Wool vs Plain Wool: What's the Difference?

Wool suits are available in different types of wool. Some of them are made of flannel wool, whereas others are made of plain wool. While they share some similarities, flannel wool and plain wool aren't necessarily the same.

Wool, by definition, is any fabric that's obtained from the animal fur, specifically the fur of sheep or goats. Most wool suits are made of sheep's wool. Farmers harvest the fur of sheep, which they sell to clothing or textile companies for use in wool clothes.

Flannel wool is distinguished from plain wool in a few ways. First, flannel wool is typically loosely woven, whereas plain wool is more tightly woven. Second, flannel wool typically has a napped surface, whereas plain wool has a smoother and unnapped surface. You can find suits made of both flannel wool and plain wool. Flannel wool suits are loosely woven and feature a napped surface. Plain wool suits, on the other hand, lack these properties.

Benefits of Wearing a Flannel Wool Suit

Why should you wear a flannel wool suit exactly? Like all wool suits, flannel wool suits are soft. They don't have rigid, stiff or coarse threading. Rather, flannel wool suits have soft threading that's gentle on your skin when worn.

Flannel wool suits are stylish. As shown in the adjacent photos, they offer a classic appearance. You can find them in different colors. Some flannel wool suits have a single color, whereas others have two more colors arranged in a particular pattern. Regardless, all flannel wool suits are stylish. With their stylish appearance, they'll compliment your appearance while helping you look your best.

Flannel wool suits are typically warmer than ordinary wool suits. As previously mentioned, one of the ways in which they are distinguished from ordinary wool suits is a napped surface. Flannel wool suits have a napped surface. This napped surface makes them warmer than ordinary wool suits. With a flannel wool suit, you can rest assured knowing that it will keep you warm even during the cold winter months.

In addition to being warm, flannel wool suits are breathable. Wool is an organic fabric. While synthetic fabrics are generally not breathable, organic fabrics are breathable. Whether you're wearing an ordinary wool suit or a flannel wool suit, the organic fabric from which it's made will allow your body to breathe.

Another benefit of wearing a flannel wool suit is protection from wrinkles. It's frustrating when you put on a recently cleaned and pressed suit, only for it to develop wrinkles halfway through the day. All suits can develop wrinkles. While flannel wool suits can wrinkle as well, they offer a higher level of protection against wrinkles than other types of suits.

How to Choose a Flannel Wool Suit

If you're going to buy a flannel wool suit, there are a few things you should know. Always check to see what material a suit is made of before buying it. To take advantage of the benefits of a flannel wool suit, you need to buy a suit that's made of 100% flannel wool. Some suits are made of ordinary wool. Ordinary wool lacks the properties of flannel wool, so you avoid choosing it. Instead, choose a suit made of 100% flannel wool.

You should also check the weight when choosing a flannel wool suit. If it's too light, it may fail to keep you warm during the winter. If it's too heavy, conversely, it may be uncomfortable to wear. To determine how much a flannel wool suit weighs, refer to its grams per square (GSM) specification.

GSM reflects the weight of a given fabric per square meter. In the case of a flannel wool suit, it reveals how much one square meter of the flannel wool weighs. If a flannel wool suit has 220 gsm, for instance, it weighs 220 grams per square meter. The higher the gsm, the more a flannel wool suit weighs.

When shopping for a flannel wool suit, don't buy the jacket and trousers separately. Instead, buy them together. Buying the jacket and trousers together will give you peace of mind knowing that they will match. They'll feature the exact same flannel wool fabric with the same color and style. If you buy the jacket and trousers separately, on the other hand, they may not match.

Like with all suits, you need to choose a flannel wool suit in the right size. Suits are formal outfits that are designed to sit close to your body when worn. If a suit is too small, you may not be able to wear it. If it's too big, conversely, it may look baggy and unflattering when worn. You'll need to choose a flannel wool suit in the right size to prevent these problems from occurring.

In Conclusion

You shouldn't assume that all wool suits are the same. There are different types of wool, some of which are better than others. Flannel wool suits are made specifically of flannel wool, which is regarded as one of the highest quality types of wool on the market.