What Is a Flannel Suit?

What Is a Flannel Suit?

Flannel suits have become a popular alternative to traditional suits in recent years. Available in two- and three-piece styles, they provide the same level of formality as most other suits. A two-piece flannel suit consists of trousers with a matching jacket. A three-piece flannel suit, on the other hand, features trousers, a matching jacket and a waistcoat.

Flannel suits aren't the same as traditional suits, however. Even though they are available in the same styles, they have unique properties that set them apart from the rest. What is a flannel suit exactly?

An Introduction to Flannel Suits

A flannel suit is a type of soft-woven suit that's made with an emphasis on softness and comfort. Some of them have a plaid pattern, whereas others have a solid color or pinstripes. Regardless, all flannel suits are soft woven to achieve a superior level of softness.

If you rub your hand against a flannel suit, you'll notice how soft it is. There are plenty of other soft suits available for sale, but they generally fall short of flannel suits. Flannel suits are defined by their softness. They are all made of a soft material (see below), which is finely woven together to create a super-soft texture.

Materials Used in Flannel Suits

Some people assume that flannel is a type of material, but this isn't necessarily true. Flannel may consist of any soft-woven material. There's no single material that defines it. There are cashmere wool flannel suits, for instance, that are made of cashmere wool. All types of wool are soft, but none are softer than cashmere. It's regarded as the world's softest and highest-quality type of wool, making it a popular choice for use in flannel suits.

In addition to cashmere wool, Italian wool is used to make cashmere suits. Italian wool shares many of the same qualities as its cashmere wool counterparts. It's soft and gentle yet also strong and durable. With an Italian wool flannel suit, you won't have to worry about your jacket or trousers causing discomfort. Italian wool flannel is an incredibly soft material that won't scratch or otherwise irritate your skin.

Of course, flannel suits aren't limited strictly to cashmere and Italian wool. You can find flannel suits available in other materials as well. A flannel suit is simply any two- or three-piece men's suit that features a soft-woven construction.

Benefits of Wearing a Flannel Suit

Why should you wear a flannel suit? One of their most attractive qualities is their softness. All flannel suits have a soft-woven construction. You won't find this same soft-woven construction in other types of suits.

As shown in the photo below, flannel suits are also attractive. They offer a high-end look that's perfect for all formal occasions. You can wear a flannel suit to work, weddings, graduations, black-tie dinners and more.

Another reason to consider wearing a flannel suit is for warmth. The winter season will inevitably bring cooler temperatures. As the temperature begins to drop, you'll have to choose a suit made of a warm material. Fortunately, flannel suits are very warm. With their soft-woven construction, they'll insulate your body to minimize the loss of heat. This means you'll stay when wearing a flannel suit, regardless of how cold it is outside.

Because they are made of premium organic materials, such as cashmere and Italian wool, flannel suits typically won't cause skin allergies. Millions of people suffer from skin allergies. Skin allergies involve an allergic reaction when a person's skin is exposed to a harmless substance, such as the material from which a garment is made. The materials used to make flannel suits, however, are considered hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic means they won't cause skin allergies.

How to Choose a Flannel Suit

When choosing a flannel suit, pay attention to the material from which it's made. Flannel isn't actually a material. Flannel can consist of any soft-woven material. Therefore, you can find flannel suits made of different materials, some of the most popular being cashmere and Italian wool.

Cashmere wool and Italian wool are prized for their softness. They are softer than nearly all other types of wool -- as well as other materials for that matter. As a result, cashmere and Italian wool are frequently used in the construction of flannel suits.

You'll need to determine whether you want a two- or three-piece flannel suit. Two-piece flannel suits are the most common. They consist of a pair of trousers with a matching suit jacket in the same color or pattern. With a three-piece flannel suit, however, you'll reap the benefits of a waistcoat. All three-piece suits have a waistcoat. A three-piece flannel suit consists of a pair of trousers with a matching suit jacket and a waistcoat

Tips on Wearing a Flannel Suit

There's really no wrong way to wear a flannel suit, assuming you choose the right type. With that said, you should still follow some basic tips to achieve an attractive and comfortable outfit.

For starters, you'll need to wear matching shoes or boots with your flannel suit. Your footwear doesn't have to necessarily have to feature the same color as your flannel suit, but it should flow cohesively with your trousers and suit jacket.

Accessorizing your flannel suit with a belt can prove useful. It will keep your trousers around your waist while adding a new color to your outfit in the process.

Make sure your flannel suit fits. Flannel suits that are too big or small aren't particularly comfortable to wear, nor are they very attractive. The good news is that you can order a custom-sized flannel suit from StuioSuits. We offer custom sizing on all our suits, including premium flannel suits, at no additional charge.

You may want to brush your flannel suit for lint before wearing it. Because flannel suits are made a soft-woven fabric, they tend to attract more lint and fuzz than suits made of other materials. You can quickly remove this superficial lint and fuzz, however, by brushing your flannel suit.