What Is a Filafil Shirt?

What Is a Filafil Shirt?

The dress shirt can make or break a formal outfit. If you wear the wrong dress shirt, you'll struggle to create an attractive and cohesive formal outfit. Wearing the right dress shirt, on the other hand, will set the foundation for a stylish outfit that complements your appearance.

When shopping for a new dress shirt, though, you may encounter filafil shirts. Filafil shirts look like most other men's dress shirts. They have a traditional collar along with a column of buttons on the front. But don't let that fool you into thinking filafil shirts are just another generic style of men's dress shirts. They feature several unique characteristics that distinguish them from their counterparts. So, what is a filafil shirt exactly?

Overview of Filafil Shirts

A filafil shirt is a type of button-up dress shirt that's characterized by the use of colored warp and weft. It's made using filafil fabric. Most filafil fabric consists of cotton, though some consist of linen or other organic materials. Regardless, filafil is a tightly woven plain-weave material that features colored warp and weft threading.

The term "filafil" comes from the French language meaning "thread to thread" -- and that's essentially what defines filafil shirts. The threads are woven very close together to achieve a unique style and construction that's not found in standard button-up dress shirts.

Filafil vs Standard Dress Shirts: What's the Difference?

If you compare a filafil dress shirt to a standard dress shirt, you'll notice a few major differences. As previously mentioned, filafil shirts are woven more closely than standard shirts. Therefore, they tend to feel differently on the surface. Filafil shirts have a more heathered texture than their standard counterparts.

Many people confuse filafil shirts with standard shirts, simply because they look so similar. From afar, it's difficult to tell the difference between a filafil shirt and a standard shirt. The differences become more pronounced, though, when you view a filafil shirt up close. The colored warp and weft combined with the tight weaving results in a unique appearance.

Why You Should Choose a Filafil Shirt

Unless you've owned and worn a filafil shirt before, you might be skeptical of making the switch. Nonetheless, there are many reasons to consider wearing a filafil shirt, one of which is increased comfort. Filafil shirts are typically made of 100% cotton that, when woven in a tight formation, results in a super-soft material that's comfortable to wear all day long.

Filafil shirts are also ideal to wear during any time of the year. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for other types of men's button-up dress shirts. Since they are made of cotton, you can wear a filafil shirt during the spring, summer, fall or winter without fear of it causing it discomfort. Filafil shirts offer a moderate amount of warmth while still allowing your body to "breathe." The end result is a high level of versatility that's not restricted to any specific season.

Wrinkles shouldn't be a problem when wearing a filafil shirt. The tight weaving pattern that distinguished them other dress shirts promotes a smooth surface by discouraging wrinkles from forming. Your filafil shirt may still develop the occasional crease, but it shouldn't succumb to the same large and unkempt wrinkles as found in other dress shirts. If you're tired of constantly ironing your dress shirt in the morning, a filafil shirt can help. It will repel wrinkles, all while providing you with a unique style.

Along with wrinkles, filafil shirts are naturally protected against shrinkage. You can wash and dry a filafil shirt without fear of it shrinking. Filafil shirts are made of cotton, which is an organic material that doesn't suffer from shrinkage like synthetic materials. If you wear a shirt made of a synthetic material, such as polyester, there's a good chance it will shrink after being washed and dried.

Tips on Choosing a Filafil Shirt

There are dozens of different types of filafil shirts. While they all feature a similar construction with colored warp and weft, as well as a close weaving pattern, they each have their own unique characteristics. How do you know which filafil shirt to choose?

Start by determining what color you want. Traditional colors like blue and black are popular choices for filafil shirts. However, filafil shirts are available in dozens of other colors, so feel free to experiment with an alternative color.

You should also determine whether you want a short- or long-sleeve filafil shirt. Like most other men's button-up dress shirts, filafil shirts are available in both sleeve styles. Short-sleeve filafil shirts are ideal during warm weather because they leave your arms exposed, whereas long-sleeve filafil shirts are a better choice for cold weather.

Pay attention to the fit when choosing a filafil shirt. You don't want an excessive large filafil shirt, nor do you want an excessively small one. For the best appearance and the highest level of comfort, your filafil shirt needs to properly fit your body. StudioSuits offer custom-sized filafil shirts that are designed using your body measurements, resulting in the perfect fit.

Maintaining a Filafil Shirt: What You Should Know

Filafil shirts are generally made of cotton, so they are relatively easy to maintain. You can find specific information on how to maintain your filafil shirt by checking the care tag. Also known as the care label, it features instructions from the manufacturer on how to treat, wash and care for your filafil shirt.

Most filafil shirts can be machined washed. Assuming your filafil shirt is made of cotton -- which most are -- you should be able to clean it in the washing machine. With that said, it's a good idea to set your washing machine to the cold water setting. Washing it in hot water isn't necessarily bad, but cold water is less taxing on the dye. By washing your filafil shirt in cold water, it will retain its original color a little better.