What Are the Benefits of Tweed Suit?

What Are the Benefits of Tweed Suit?

If you're looking to upgrade your wardrobe with a new suit, you should consider tweed suit. There are two-piece tweed suits that include trousers with a matching jacket, and there are three-piece tweed suits that include trousers, a matching jacket and a waistcoat. While tweed is essentially a type of wool, though, it offers several amazing benefits when used in the construction of a suit. Whether you choose a two- or three-piece suit, you can't go wrong with tweed for the following reasons.

Protection From the Cold

A tweed suit will protect you from the cold weather. Regardless of the material from which they are made, all suits offer some level of warmth. Tweed suits, however, are warmer than most other suits because of their woolen construction.

Contrary to popular belief, tweed isn't a naturally occurring material. Rather, it consists of wool that's tightly woven with a twill or herringbone structure. Jargon aside, twill is essentially wool. Wool, of course, is highly protective against the cold weather, so wearing a tweed suit will keep you warm during the otherwise cold months of the year.

Exceptional Comfort

Tweed suits aren't just warm; they are comfortable. Thanks to its closely woven woolen construction, tweed has a soft texture -- more so that the texture of other common suit materials. You can wear a tweed suit all day long without fear of it irritating your skin or otherwise causing discomfort.

Most suits, especially those made by a reputable company, are comfortable, but some are more comfortable than others. For an exceptional level of comfort, you should consider a tweed suit. All tweed suits are made with a woolen construction that's soft, supple and gentle on your skin. Therefore, they are comfortable to wear for long periods.

Long-Lasting Durability

Another reason to consider a tweed suit is their long-lasting durability. Normally, woolen garments aren't very durable. Wool is soft, and like all soft materials, it may damage when stressed. The difference with tweed is that it's woven very tightly, which in turn protects it from damage.

If you're tired of spending money on new suits, only for them to damage just a few months down the road, perhaps a tweed suit is the answer to your problem. Tweed suits offer long-lasting durability that protects them from premature damage.

Variety of Types of Tweed

Not all tweed suits are the same. While they are generally all made of tightly woven wool, there are several unique types of tweed. Harris tweed, for instance, is characterized by a virgin wool construction, whereas Donegal tweed lives up to its namesake by originating in Donegal, Ireland where it's been produced for centuries.

Which of these two types of tweed is best for a suit? You really can't go wrong with either a Harris tweed suit or Donegal tweed suit. They are both considered two of the highest-quality types of tweed. Therefore, if you're looking to buy a tweed suit, you should consider Harris or Donegal. You'll get a better value by choosing a suit made of one of these tweed materials rather than other tweed or even non-tweed materials.

Moisture Resistance

Tweed suits aren't necessarily waterproof, but they do offer a higher level of protection against water and moisture than other types of suits. You can wear a tweed suit in light showers without fear of getting wet. How exactly does a tweed suit keep you dry?

To better understand the moisture-resistant properties of tweed suits, you must first look at their construction. As previously mentioned, tweed suits are made of wool. Wool, especially sheep wool, contains natural liquid compounds known as lanolin that repels moisture. Sheep and other animals grow fur -- which is wool -- to protect them from the elements. Wool contains these same moisture-resistant lanolin compounds. So, if you live in a rainy area, a tweed suit is an excellent choice that's all-but-guaranteed to keep you dry.

Stylish Appearance

Of course, tweed suits offer a stylish appearance. They feature a high-end construction with attractive colors and designs. More importantly, tweed suits often feature patterns that aren't found in other types of suits. Herringbone, for example, is a common pattern used in the construction of tweed suits. Also known as a broken twill weave pattern, it features a V-shaped design that's similar to a chevron pattern. The only difference is that the herringbone pattern goes in the opposite direction.

You can also order tweed suits in custom sizing. StudioSuits is the internet's premier vendor of custom-sized suits, including tweed suits. When you order from our online store, you aren't restricted to choosing a suit in traditional measurements. Rather, you can tell us your body measurements to use in the construction of your preferred suit. Don't make the mistake of purchasing a tweed suit from a local retailer. For the best fit, as well as the greatest value, order a custom-sized tweed suit.

Smooth and Wrinkle Free

If you've ever felt the surface of a tweed suit, you may recall it being smooth and wrinkle free. Tweed suits have a soft and smooth texture that naturally discourages the formation of wrinkles.

Suits often develop wrinkles, but tweed's tightly woven woolen construction makes them less vulnerable to wrinkles than other types of suits.

To preserve the smooth and wrinkle-free texture of your tweed suit, though, you should get into the habit of storing it on clothes hangers. When you aren't wearing your tweed trousers or tweed suit jacket, place them a clothes hanger. When stored on clothes hangers, they won't succumb to wrinkles. Rather, they'll maintain their smooth and wrinkle-free texture.

Tweed is just one of many high-quality materials used in the construction of suits. As you can see, however, it offers a wide range of benefits, some of which include protection from the cold, comfort, long-lasting durability and more. I guess the better question is why shouldn't you choose a tweed suit.