What Are Stretch Chinos?

What Are Stretch Chinos?

Consisting of twill and an elastic material, stretch chinos have become an increasingly popular type of men's trousers in recent years. They offer a unique blend of casual and formal style, resulting in a higher level of versatility when compared to other trousers. Even if you're familiar with chinos, though, you might be unfamiliar with stretch chinos. So, what are stretch chinos exactly?

The Basics of Stretch Chinos

Stretch chinos, such as the Washed Gray Feather Stretch Chinos sold here at StudioSuits, are characterized by a construction of twill and an elastic material. They are made primarily of twill -- cotton that's woven together in a unique and specific pattern -- while also containing a small amount of an elastic material. The elastic material changes the properties of the chinos by making them more elastic. In other words, stretch chinos can be pulled and stretched without sustaining damage.

Regular vs Stretch Chinos: What's the Difference?

From afar, stretch chinos may look the same as regular chinos. They both consist of full-length, semi-formal men's trousers. Furthermore, both regular and stretch chinos are made of twill. Considering their similarities, you may assume that stretch chinos are no different than regular chinos, but this isn't the case.

Regular chinos are made entirely of twill. As previously mentioned, twill is just another name for cotton with a specific weaving pattern. Stretch chinos, on the other hand, are made of about 97% to 99% twill. The remaining 1% to 3% of the material used in their construction consists of an elastic material, such as lycra. Although it's a very small amount, the elastic material allows the chinos to stretch farther without succumbing to damage.

The bottom line is that stretch chinos are like regular chinos, only they are made with a small amount of elastic material, such as lycra.

Why You Should Wear Stretch Chinos

By wearing stretch chinos, you'll experience a superior level of comfort all day long. All chinos are comfortable. After all, chinos are made entirely or mostly of twill, which is just another name for cotton. However, you may discover that stretch chinos are exceptionally comfortable to wear thanks to their increased elasticity.

Stretch chinos are elastic, so they'll stretch with your body as you walk and move throughout the day. When you walk, your legs will force your trousers to stretch. Since they are made of twill and an elastic material, stretch chinos will stretch with your body. More importantly, they'll revert back to their original shape. If you overstretch a non-elastic style of trousers, they may not revert back to their original shape.

Stretch chinos are also resistant to wrinkles. It's frustrating when you get dressed for work -- or any other important event or occasion -- only to discover that your trousers are wrinkled. Maybe a crease formed when you sat down in your car, or perhaps they developed wrinkles from the surrounding humidity. Regardless, you can rest assured knowing that stretch chinos are less likely to develop wrinkles than other types of men's trousers.

Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Stretch Chinos

If you're going to wear stretch chinos, you should avoid making a few common mistakes. First and foremost, don't wear stretch chinos in the same color as your shirt. This fashion rule isn't restricted to stretch chinos. Rather, it's a universal fashion rule that applies to nearly all outfits. Regardless, if your stretch chinos feature the same color as your shirt, your outfit will look somewhat bland. A better idea is to choose stretch chinos in a different color, preferably a color that contrasts with that of your shirt.

Another mistake to avoid when wearing stretch chinos is getting the wrong size. Unless your stretch chinos fit perfectly, wearing them will only create an awkward appearance that's not particularly flattering. Oversized stretch chinos, for instance, will look baggy, whereas undersized stretch chinos will look tight and constricting. You can avoid these headaches, however, by ordering a pair of custom-sized stretch chinos from StudioSuits.

Which Stretch Chinos Should I Choose?

With so many different styles available, how do you know which pair of stretch chinos are right for you? Well, you should choose stretch chinos that match your personal style. But when shopping for them, there are a few things to consider.

Stretch chinos are available in both raw and washed styles. The term "raw" means the chino cloth was kept dry during the production cycle, whereas the term "washed" means the chino cloth was submerged in water during the production cycle. Washed stretch chinos are typically better protected against fading and shrinkage. Dry stretch chinos, on the other hand, typically offer a stronger and deeper color.

You should also inspect the fasteners when shopping for a pair of stretch chinos. Fasteners consist of buttons and zippers that are used to secure the stretch chinos. All stretch chinos have at least some fasteners, but the quality of their fasteners often varies. If you discover low-quality fasteners on a pair of stretch chinos, you may want to shop elsewhere. If the fasteners are low quality, chances are the chinos are low quality as well.

Finally, remember to choose stretch chinos in the right color for your needs. What color should you choose exactly? Stretch chinos are available in most colors, so it's really up to you. With that said, you should try to stick with a color that matches the shirts, jackets or other garments that you plant to wear it with. As long as your stretch chinos match, they'll look great when you wear them.

In Conclusion

Stretch chinos are just like regular chinos, except they are made of both twill and an elastic material. They are similar to stretch jeans, meaning you can stretch them. However, stretch chinos offer a higher level of formality, making them a popular choice of trousers.