Wedding Guest Suit Outfit For Men

Wedding Guest Suit Outfit For Men

Are you preparing for a wedding event and want a wedding guest suit for the big day? Choosing a suitable wedding guest attire can be tricky sometimes because the suits for wedding guest in clothing stores are numerous. As a wedding invitee, you should dress up in style. Remember that you might be captured in some of the pics from the event, so you should choose the best suits for wedding guest to wear.

If you are looking for what to wear to a wedding, you have come to the right place. You can shop for any type of wedding attire you need at StudioSuits. If you are looking for wedding attire for guest ideas, you can borrow some here. It doesn't matter whether you have a suit or want wedding guest suit ideas. In this blog, we have a suit for wedding guest ideas for you. We will also answer a question people ask, which is, Can men wear white to a wedding? Are you ready? Let's go.

Men's Wedding Suit Dress Code

Are you looking for what to wear to a wedding? Do you need men's suits for wedding guest? We will explore different men's wedding guest attire here, such as the black tie suit, black tie optional suit, summer suit attire, spring suit attire, cocktail suit attire, and smart casual wedding attire for men. Here are the suits for wedding guest listed below. 

Black Tie Suit Attire

When you hear of a black tie event, know that it requires formal wedding guest attire, so you must wear a dark tuxedo. Remember that you are going to a highly formal event, so a tux is the wedding attire for guest suitable for a black tie event. You can choose the type of lapel you want, whether a shawl or peak lapel. 

The tuxedo is the formal wedding guest attire you should have on if you are invited to a wedding tagged "black tie." This type of wedding suit requires that you follow some particular dress code. Your accessories should complement your clothing well. For example, if you plan on wearing a pocket square, it should be folded neatly without sticking out of the breast pocket. 

Black Tie Optional Suit Attire

When you see the black tie optional caption in the wedding invite, it might not be clear what to wear because of the "optional" there. You will need to find out since there are no specific wedding guest suits you were asked to wear. It's not compulsory to wear a tuxedo as your formal wedding guest attire for a black tie optional event. You can wear a dark wedding guest suit for the occasion. 

Other shades of mens suits for wedding guest that are suitable for this type of wedding attire can be a navy suit wedding guest, blue suit wedding guest or black suit wedding attire. You should wear a wedding guest suit mens collection of matching colors instead of a suit jacket and pants of contrasting colors. 

For example, you can layer your dark charcoal three-piece suit with a crisp white shirt, black necktie or bow tie, and patent leather oxford shoes. As a black tie optional wedding, it's safe to try out other colors apart from black. Colors like midnight blue will still make you look dapper without breaking the black tie optional dress code. 

Smart Casual Wedding Suit Attire

Smart casual wedding attire for men does not imply that it is a simple mens formal wedding attire. This is one type of wedding attire that is most flexible and lets you express yourself. However, you must draw the line to avoid switching from smart to casual. Remember, it is to appear smart and not too casual. So, will a pair of trainers look too simple or a suit for wedding guest look too formal? 

If you are looking for what to wear to a wedding that will make you look smart and stylish, you can get one effortlessly. First, your casual wedding attire for men should make you appear smart and elegant while being casual. Your clothing style can be suit separates like a blazer on tailored pants, but sneakers or shorts should not even cross your mind to wear at all. 

Your outfit can be a combination of a shirt, maybe one with a grandad collar, then a suit jacket and pants. You can wear a jacket and pants that form a perfect contrast. For example, if you wear a lighter shade up, wear a darker shade on the bottom. For summer casual wedding attire, wear pastel shades to complement your outfit. 

Summer Wedding Suit Attire

Showing up to a summer wedding rolled up in three-piece wedding guest suits made from wool fabric is like signing up to have a sweaty day. Never consider wearing this type of wedding attire. If you are looking for suits to wear to a wedding in summer, you can opt for one of these warm-weather breathable suits for wedding guest that you can stay cool in all day. 

When it comes to wedding guest attire for a summer wedding, the goal is to dress comfortably while still looking sophisticated. What would you be doing with a waistcoat? Wearing a wedding guest suit, preferably a two-piece, will help you here, and this is one of the best suits for wedding guest for you to have on when you have eaten and drank and it's evening already. 

Whether for casual or summer casual wedding attire for men, it's best to wear lighter shades. We recommend using bright colors because they reflect the sun better, while darker shades of wedding suits absorb heat. This means that wearing light-colored suits drives heat away from the body. For example, pair a beige or cream jacket with a white dress shirt, then add a bold tie for contrast. 

Spring Wedding Suit Attire

Once it's time for the spring season, it's often tricky to dress because one minute, you want to freeze, and the next, there is sunshine everywhere. Considering the weather, you must find a middle ground for this type of wedding attire. Going for a mid-weight wedding guest suit is always the best. For example, a worsted fabric has a moderate weight and will help lock the heat in. 

So, what can you wear as a wedding guest attire for spring? You can wear suit separates – perfect wedding attire for guest ideas for the spring season. Unstructured blazers with open collars work well, too.

Cocktail Wedding Suit

Cocktail weddings depict the traditional wedding style with a touch of elegance. Destination weddings are the perfect cocktail event to wear a wedding guest suit and treat yourself to tasty cocktails. In most modern settings, this type of wedding attire is often glamorous. 

Choose your suit for wedding guest correctly if you are looking for what to wear to a wedding. Our mens wedding attire guest ensemble should fit the cocktail event. Your wedding guest attire can be suit separates, which is acceptable. You can also wear bold blazers or patterned ones like pinstripe or plaid. 

If you were invited for an evening cocktail wedding, dark shades like navy blue and forest green will match the event. Instead of wearing a bow tie, a necktie will work better here, and you can also add a pocket square to enhance the wedding guest suit ensemble.

Can Men Wear White to a Wedding

It's possible to wear a white wedding guest suit mens style. While it is not the typical color you will see in mens formal wedding attire, people still find it cool and comfortable, especially during the summer. While many might disagree, a white suit makes the wearer look stylish and stand out. 

However, if you want to wear white as wedding attire for guest as an inspired style, pair it with other light shades of shirt and ties. This type of wedding attire commands attention, so wearing white as a wedding guest suit means you are ready to entertain such interest. 

Best Styling Tips For a Wedding Guest Suit

  • Before D-day, inquire about the type of suit the groomsmen are wearing so you don't wear the same thing with them. Let them maintain their unique style while invitees wear different wedding guest suits
  • Three-piece suits are good to go as formal wedding guest attire. They make you look sophisticated and dressed for the occasion
  • Try ditching the wedding guest suit jacket and wear the waistcoat only, especially if you are attending a wedding in the summer. If you feel hot, take the jacket away. You will still look your best in your wedding guest suit mens style
  • Your casual wedding attire for men should be elegant and classy but never make you look casual.
  • It's always better to wear a bow tie instead of having a clip-in. Bow ties on suits look better for traditional wedding attire
  • You can add sunglasses to your summer casual wedding attire for men. However, it should be a simple style with earthy colors. 
  • Ensure you wear wedding attire that suits your body and is comfortable. You will be doing a lot of dancing and fun things, so you don't want to wear anything restricting your movement.