Are You Wearing the Right Suit Trousers?

Are You Wearing the Right Suit Trousers?

Trousers are one of the most important garments in a suit. Without the right pair, you'll have a difficult time creating a fashionable, aesthetically pleasing appearance. But many men struggle when shopping for suit trousers, resulting in a mismatching outfit that ultimately hurts their appearance. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, you should keep reading to learn more about suit trousers and how to choose the right pair.


Suits are made in a variety of different fabrics and materials -- a rule that also applies to trousers. Of course, it's important to choose trousers in a fabric that's appropriate for your outfit, as this will affect both their comfort and style. Two of the most common fabrics used to make suit trousers are linen and woolen. Linen is a lighter fabric, making it preferable for warm weather like the spring and summer months. Woolen, on the other hand, is the exact opposite: it's a heavier fabric, making it ideal for cool weather like the fall and winter months. In any case, it's a good idea to choose trousers in the same or similar fabric as your suit jacket or coat. If you plan on wearing a linen suit coat, for instance, stick with linen trousers. Or if you plan on wearing a woolen suit coat, stick with woolen trousers -- you get the idea.

Pleated vs Non-Pleated

Something else to consider when choosing suit trousers is whether or not to go with a pleated front. Some trousers have a pleated front, while others have a flat non-pleated front. According to Wikipedia, the most classic style of suit trousers features two pleats, both of which are typically forward-facing. This offers a greater level of comfort when sitting, as well as better hang standing. As such, pleated trousers have been a popular style throughout much of the 20th century, originating from the widened Oxford bags of the 1930s. In more recent years, though, flat non-pleated trousers have been growing in popularity. This is presumably due to the fact that many people today work in offices where they aren't physically active; therefore, there's no need for the "functional" benefit of pleated suit trousers.

Belt or Bracers

Do you plan on wearing a belt or bracers with your suit trousers? While there's no rule stating that you must wear one of these accessories, doing so offers several benefits: it enhances the appearance of your suit by adding new colors and style, and it also keeps your trousers from falling down. That alone should be reason enough to accessorize your suit with a belt or bracers. So, which of these two accessories should you choose and why? You might be surprised to learn that belts were never intended to be worn with suits. It wasn't until the wartime years when belts became popular with suits. During wartime, there was a shortage of elastic, forcing men to switch from bracers (also known as suspenders) to belts. This fashion trend stuck, with many men preferring belts to secure their suit trousers instead of bracers. Either way, though, both belts and bracers are perfectly acceptable to wear with suit trousers.



In what color do you want your suit trousers? If you've ever shopped for suit trousers before (and you probably have), there's a good chance you've noticed just how many different colors they are made in. From traditional colors like brown and black, to bolder colors like blue, red and green, the possibilities are endless. There's no single "best" color for suit trousers, as it varies depending on the rest of your suit and the occasion during which it will be worn. A good rule of thumb, however, is to choose trousers in the same color as your suit jacket or coat. If your suit coat is black, choose a similar pair of black-colored trousers. This creates a more uniform appearance while ensuring all of your suit garments flow cohesively with each other.

The Fit

Arguably, the single most important thing to consider when choosing suit trousers is the fit. You can choose the most stylish suit trousers on the market, but all your efforts are in vain if they don't fit right. Suit trousers are typically sold as either ready to wear, meaning they are sold as it, made to measure, meaning they are made from a pattern and modified to fit the customer, or bespoke, meaning the trousers are custom-bade by a tailor from a pattern using the customer's measurements. If you purchase your suit trousers here at StudioSuits, however, you can specify your own measurements, ensuring they fit your body just right. This takes the burden of trying to find the perfect pair off your shoulders, allowing you to focus your time and attention elsewhere.

The Socks

Don't underestimate the importance of wearing the right socks with your suit trousers. When you're busy choosing a suit jacket, shirt, necktie, shoes and other accessories, it's easy to overlook the socks. After all, how much of an impact will socks really have on your appearance? The answer: more than you may realize. This is especially true when sitting down, as the top of your socks will become exposed. To ensure a clean and polished appearance, choose dress socks in the same color as your suit trousers. When wearing black suit trousers, you should also wear black dress socks. This allows your socks to seemingly blend in with your trousers. The right trousers will make a world of difference in the appearance of your suit. It enhances your suit while presenting yourself in the best manner possible. There are several things to consider when creating your suit outfit, though, some of which include the fabric of your trousers, color, fit, pleated or non pleated, belts or bracers, and socks. Taking all of these things into account will place you miles ahead of the competition.