Velvet Suit Trousers: Everything You Need to Know

Velvet Suit Trousers: Everything You Need to Know

You can't choose the perfect pair of suit trousers without considering the material from which they are made. Some suit trousers are made of plain cotton, whereas others are made of linen or wool. You can even them in alternative materials like velvet. Velvet offers a unique appearance, as well as texture, that's not found in other materials.

If you're struggling to choose a new pair of suit trousers, you may want to go with velvet. You can wear them in formal outfits while taking advantage of their attractive properties. But there are several things you need to know about velvet suit trousers.

What Are Velvet Suit Trousers?

Velvet suit trousers are defined by their velvet construction. They are made of velvet. Velvet suit trousers are simply high-quality, formal trousers that are made of velvet.

Velvet, of course, is a tufted fabric with a napped, fuzzy surface. It's typically made of cotton. Manufacturers use a special loom to convert cotton into velvet. The process is somewhat complicated. Using a special loom, manufacturers will weave two the sections of the velvet simultaneously, with each section having a different thickness. The two sections are then separated, after which they are wound up on rolls.

Velvet Suit Trousers vs Plain Cotton Suit Trousers

Don't assume that velvet suit trousers are the same as plain cotton suit trousers. Both types of suit trousers are technically made of cotton, but that doesn't mean they are the same.

Velvet suit trousers have a naturally shiny texture to them. As light strikes the surface of velvet suit trousers, it will create a sheen. Some of the light will be reflected off the velvet suit trousers, resulting in an attention-grabbing sheen. Plain cotton suit trousers lack this sheen.

When rubbing your hands across the surface of velvet suit trousers, you'll notice that they feel smooth. Plain cotton suit trousers are smooth as well, but they lack the smoothness of their velvet counterpart. The term "smooth like velvet," in fact, is a reference to the super-smooth properties of velvet. Velvet has a smooth texture thanks to its tufted construction.

There are different types of velvet, some of which include the following:

  • Chiffon
  • Plain
  • Pile-on-pile
  • Mirror
  • Crushed
  • Panne
  • Lyons
  • Hammered
  • Ponson
  • Velveteen (faux velvet)

Benefits of Choosing Velvet Suit Trousers

With their unique sheen, velvet suit trousers are attractive. They feature a semi-reflective surface that stands out from nearly all other types of suit trousers, including those made of plain cotton. If you're tired of wearing the same ordinary suit trousers in all of your formal outfits, you may want to invest in a pair of velvet suit trousers.

There's no denying the fact that velvet suit trousers are comfortable. They have a super-smooth texture that's gentle on the skin. You can wear velvet suit trousers all day long.

Don't let the soft and smooth texture fool you into thinking that velvet suit trousers are delicate. They are actually stronger than many other types of suit trousers. Velvet is a durable material. It can withstand regular stress without breaking or otherwise damaging. As a result, suit trousers made of velvet are long-lasting.

With velvet suit trousers, you'll have plenty of options from which to choose. All velvet suit trousers are made of velvet -- typically cotton velvet -- but they are available in many different types.

When to Wear Velvet Suit Trousers

You can wear velvet suit trousers in most of your formal outfits. You just need to choose a suit jacket that matches them. As long as your suit jacket matches your velvet suit trousers, you can wear them together. A jacket with a pair of matching trousers, of course, will create a formal suit outfit.

Velvet suit trousers are appropriate for year-round use. Regardless of the season, you can't go wrong with a pair of velvet suit trousers. They are light enough to wear during the spring and summer months, but they are also thick enough to wear during the fall and winter months.

Tips on Shopping for Velvet Suit Trousers

When shopping for velvet suit trousers, choose a color that matches the suit jacket with which you intend to wear them. If you're going to wear them with a black suit jacket, you should choose a pair of black velvet suit trousers. If you're going to wear them with a green suit jacket, on the other hand, you should choose a pair of green velvet suit trousers.

Velvet suit trousers are available in pleated and non-pleated styles. Pleated styles have permanent vertical creases on the front. Known as pleats, they allow the trousers to flex when you sit and stand. Non-pleated styles don't have any pleats on the front. Instead, they feature a smooth front.

You can also choose velvet suit trousers either with or without belt loops. Belt loops, of course, will allow you to accessorize the velvet suit trousers with a belt. Even if they fit, you may want to accessorize them with a belt. A belt will inject new colors into your outfit while defining your waistline in the process. Nonetheless, some men prefer to wear suit trousers without a belt.

Lining is available with velvet suit trousers. If you order a pair of velvet suit trousers from StudioSuits, you can opt for lining. Velvet suit trousers are available with front lining, and they are available with both front and back lining. Alternatively, you can choose velvet suit trousers with no lining at all.

If you're going to buy a pair of velvet suit trousers, you'll need to ensure they fit. You probably won't wear them very frequently -- or at all for that matter -- if they are too big or too small. With custom sizing, though, you can rest assured knowing that they will fit. Custom sizing allows you to specify your own body measurements. You can include your body measurements when ordering the velvet suit trousers. These measurements will be used to design the velvet suit trousers so that they fit your body.