Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

The Valentine’s Day outfit that completes a man!

Guys! What do you think is easy? Buying a red rose in a store nearby or choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit? Of course the former!  We have seen many ‘not made for each other’ mismatched couples, the man in sandals and faded jeans while his date in elegant or sexy attire. Pamper your princess and let her admire you all day, watching you in the perfect outfit. To make this 14th not just another day, “StudioSuits” has a few smart suggestions for you!

  1. Do you own a great pair of dark and well-fitted jeans? If not, run to the store and get one A.S.A.P! It is extremely versatile and can be worn for both fashion and casual occasions. A white linen custom shirt, a blazer, custom tuxedo jacket or just a perfect t-shirt will go well with the jeans.
  2. A lightweight knit woolen sweater gives you a handsome look.  A blazer on it looks confident and solo shall rock! A pair of jeans or trousers would go well with this.
  3. Women notice details. So better watch out. Get noticed with uniqueness with a tweed cap, amazing belt, good-looking tie or just a bracelet.
  4. Are you planning for a date climbing the mountains or hiking? Grab a stylish backpack, jeans, hiking boots and a sturdy jacket. Also check out plaid custom shirts and weatherproof accessories.
  5. If you are going to celebrate the night with cocktails, events or dancing, a classy black custom suit from StudioSuits with black polished shoes would be the best option. Studio Suits also offers custom tailored suits and custom tuxedos to help you find the right fit. Before thinking about the chocolates to swoon your lover, make sure your black plain tie is noticed.
  6. Are you going anti-valentines day this time? We got the perfect attire for you too! Casual sneakers, zip-up sweater or old school chucks will do. Ignore chocolates and catch hold of sweet macaroons this time!
  7. Do remember to use exotic perfume loved by your date and yes, sunglasses too!
  8. Groom yourself if you don’t want to look like a man from a cave. Use the right hairdo, well chosen outfit, perfect stubble and of course the cologne that makes you smell like a million dollars.  Only if you want your Valentine’s attention.
  9. By the way, remember the basics too. Make sure you carry the attire well. A million dollar suit would looks disgusting if you are not carrying it properly.
  10. Ratty pajama’s on the bed even today? Boys, today is Valentine’s Day. Make a small effort to pick up something romantic to finally end the night. A teddy lace or silky pajamas are not mentioned here, try out something attractive like good looking boxers.

Most of the men pull their looks together and don’t mind dressing up for their partner on Valentine’s Day. Dress the way you feel comfortable, confident and handsome. The day will be yours!

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