Types of Wool fabrics

One of the toughest fabrics is the wool fabrics and they stay cleaner for longer as compared to the other kind of fabrics. There are other reasons for wool fabric being the favourite of many. Wool fabrics are resistant to flames and also help in preventing moisture build-ups. Thus wool fabrics not only provide luxury suiting but also comfort and durability.

There are mainly ten different kind wool fabrics. Here are they:
  1. Wool pile fabrics: They are mainly woven and might be cut or loop. The pile is made out of warp threads that are fed from beams or individual yarns.
  2. Knitted Fabrics: One of the fastest woven fabric created by pile knitting technique, they have natural stretch properties.
  3. Worsted Fabrics: These fabrics come with a smooth appearance yet high durability. Fibres of uniform fineness and strength are used to achieve the unique smoothness.
  4. Woollen Fabrics: These fabrics are made from wool fibers of non-uniform fineness and varying lengths. Spinning these fibres in yarn gives the bulky appearance to the fabric.
  5. Flat woven fabrics: These fabrics are created by weaving two set of threads at right angles.
  6. Plain Weave fabrics: These fabrics are the strongest and most resistant to abrasion as they are made by high frequency of interlacing of threads.
  7. Twill weaves: This fabric uses more thread than plain weave every 10 cm and this makes the fabric strong enough despite its floats exposed to wear and tear.
  8. Sateen fabrics: With threads closely set to each other, the surface of this fabric is mostly left warp-faced.
  9. Double Cloth: Threads from alternate group of shafts are made to interlace creating a complex pattern. The two parts of the fabric are frequently crossed to make sure the durability of the fabric doesn’t get affected.
  10. Jacquard weave: This fabric is woven up with the system of  punch cards. Apart from electronic, programmed jacquard looms, mechanical looms are also used in jacquard weaving.

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