Tuxedo Dress Shirts: Everything You Need to Know

Tuxedo Dress Shirts: Everything You Need to Know

When getting dressed for a formal event, you can't go wrong with a tuxedo. Tuxedos are synonymous with men's formalwear. They consist of a jacket and matching trousers. Unlike regular suits, though, tuxedoes have satin facing, resulting in a more stylish appearance. But if you're going to wear a tuxedo, you'll need to choose the right shirt for it. You shouldn't wear just any shirt. Instead, you should choose a tuxedo shirt.

What Are Tuxedo Shirts?

Tuxedo shirts are formal button-up shirts that are designed to be worn with a tuxedo. They share many of the same characteristics as other formal button-up shirts, but they are intended to be worn with a tuxedo.

You can't wear a tuxedo without a shirt. Like regular suits, tuxedos consist of a jacket and trousers. You'll still need to wear a dress shirt under the jacket. Rather than wearing an ordinary shirt with a tuxedo, you can wear a tuxedo shirt. Tuxedo shirts emphasize elegance. They feature a more sophisticated and formal appearance than that of other shirts, making them ideal for use with a tuxedo.

Tuxedo Shirts vs Dress Shirts

While they are both formal, tuxedo shirts and dress shirts aren't necessarily the same. One of the defining characteristics of tuxedo shirts is pleated bibs. When inspecting the front of a tuxedo shirt, you may notice that it has pleats running up the sides. Known as pleated bibs, it's a common feature on most tuxedo shirts. You won't find these pleated bibs on dress shirts. Rather, they are exclusive to tuxedo shirts.

Tuxedo shirts are available in a wider variety of collar styles. Spread stiff is a popular collar style for tuxedo shirts. It matches the collar style of most tuxedos, resulting in a cohesive appearance. Dress shirts, on the other hand, typically feature more basic and generic collar styles.

There's a noticeable difference in quality between tuxedo shirts and dress shirts. Tuxedo shirts are prized for their premium look and feel. They are often made of the same cotton fabric as dress shirts, but don't let that fool into thinking they are the same. Tuxedo shirts feature a higher-quality construction that makes them softer and more comfortable to wear.

Tuxedo shirts aren't particularly thick. While you can find them in different fabrics, such as cotton, they are thin enough to be worn underneath a jacket. Dress shirts aren't designed specifically for tuxedos or traditional suits. As a result, they are usually thicker than tuxedo shirts. These are just a few ways that tuxedo shirts and dress shirts differ.

Why You Should Wear a Tuxedo Shirt With a Tuxedo

There's no substitution for a tuxedo shirt when wearing a tuxedo. It will complete your tuxedo outfit while helping you achieve a more formal appearance in the process.

You can rest assured knowing that a tuxedo shirt will match your tuxedo. Most tuxedo shirts are white. Most tuxedos, on the other hand, are black. Wearing a white tuxedo shirt with a black tuxedo will result in a matching outfit. You can find tuxedo shirts in other colors, but white is a safe choice that's guaranteed to match a traditional all-black tuxedo.

There are also black tuxedo shirts available. If you're planning to wear an all-white tuxedo, you may want to choose a black tuxedo shirt.

You can easily accessorize a tuxedo shirt with a tie. A tie, of course, is an essential tuxedo accessory. You can wear either a necktie or a bow tie with a tuxedo shirt, the latter of which is more popular. Tuxedo shirts feature a formal collar style that supports a tie.

Choosing a Tuxedo Shirt: What You Should Know

Not all tuxedo shirts are the same. If you're thinking about buying a tuxedo shirt, there are a few things you should know.

When shopping for a tuxedo shirt, pay attention to the fabric. Most tuxedo shirts are made of cotton. Cotton is a soft, lightweight and hypoallergenic fabric, making it an excellent choice for tuxedo shirts. Nonetheless, there are different varieties of cotton used in tuxedo shirts. Poplin cotton, for instance, is a type of plain-weave cotton that features horizontal ribs. It offers the same benefits as traditional cotton but with a more silky texture.

Don't forget to check the buttons when shopping for a tuxedo shirt. All tuxedo shirts have buttons. They typically feature a single column of buttons on the front, which you can fasten and unfasten. But the type of buttons a tuxedo shirt has may vary. Some tuxedo shirts have standard buttons, whereas others have snap buttons. Snap buttons are easier to fasten and unfasten. You can fasten them by pushing and "snapping" them in place. To unfasten them, you can pull the snap buttons.

You should also consider the cuff style when choosing a tuxedo shirt. The cuffs, of course, are the ends of the sleeves. Tuxedo shirts feature formal cuffs, but some of them have a different cuff style than others. French cuffs are commonly found on tuxedo shirts. Also known as double cuffs, they are long and folded cuffs. Other tuxedo shirts feature single cuffs. Single cuffs are shorter and, thus, less formal. As a result, single cuffs aren't as common as French cuffs.

The size matters when choosing a tuxedo shirt. If it's too big, it will look baggy. If it's too small, you may not be able to fasten the buttons. To avoid these problems, you need to choose a tuxedo shirt in the right size. Fortunately, there are custom-sized tuxedo shirts that offer the perfect fit. You can order them here at StudioSuits. With custom sizing, you'll have the freedom to specify your body measurements.

In Conclusion

Tuxedo shirts are formal button-up shirts that are designed to be worn with a tuxedo. They aren't the same as regular dress shirts. While dress shirts can be worn in formal outfits as well, they don't offer the same level of sophistication and elegance as their tuxedo shirt counterparts.