Tips to Prevent Your Dress Shoes from Creasing

Tips to Prevent Your Dress Shoes from Creasing

It's frustrating when you buy a new pair of dress shoes, only to discover new "creases" in them in just weeks or months later. While this typically won't affect the comfort or function of your dress shoes, it can take away from their aesthetics, making them look old and worn -- something that most guys choose to avoid. But what exactly causes dress shoes to crease? And how can you protect your shoes from this phenomenon?

Leather Dress Shoes are Most Prone to Creasing

Some dress shoes are more susceptible to creating than others. Leather, for instance, has a high risk of creasing due to its the inherit characteristics. Although strong, durable and comfortable, leather has a tendency to crease under pressure. When this occurs, it's often difficult, if not impossible, to flex it back into its original position. This is why it's important for guys to properly care for their leather dress shoes, as this reduces the risk of creasing.

Use a Shoe Horn

When putting on a pair of leather dress shoes, try to get into the habit of using a shoe horn. Also referred to as a shoe spooner, this otherwise simple tool will assist you in putting on your shoes. Once the shoe horn is placed inside, it keeps the shoe open while offering a smooth surface for the foot and heel to slide into. Subsequently, this prevents your foot from crushing the shoe's counter while reducing the risk of creasing. Shoe horns are available in a wide range of materials, including plastic, metal, silver, shell, glass, and even bone. If you are looking to protect your leather dress shoes from creasing, I highly recommend using a shoe horn each and every time you put them on.

Place Cedar Shoe Trees Inside Your Shoes

Assuming you aren't wearing them, you should store your leather dress shoes with cedar shoe trees inside. These large blocks of cedar wood serve a few different purposes, one of which is to absorb moisture and bad odors. The real benefit of using cedar shoes trees, however, is their ability to preserve the original shape of your shoes. After placing them inside your shoes and expanding them to the necessary length, they will protect your shoes from creasing and other structural changes. Cedar shoe trees are relatively inexpensive, usually costing just $20-$30 bucks each, which is a small price to pay for the immense protection they offer.