Tips on Packing a Suit in a Suitcase

Tips on Packing a Suit in a Suitcase

160858168_5e4b7f3fbe_z Whether you're traveling for business or leisure purposes, there are times when you'll need to bring a suit. If it's a single-day trip, you can simply wear the suit. But if you plan on staying overnight, you'll need to pack it into a suitcase. Unfortunately, this often results in the suit turning into a wrinkled mess, and to make matters worse if it's difficult (if not impossible) to find a dry cleaner when you are traveling abroad. So, how can you safely and efficiently pack a suit without making it wrinkled?

Dry Clean Your Suit In Advance

Want to know the secret to packing a suit in a way that doesn't cause wrinkles? It's to have it dry cleaned in advanced. I recommend dropping your suit off at the local dry cleaners at least one week before you intend to travel. This should be more than enough time for the establishment to dry clean your suit and have it ready for packing. If you don't have enough time to dry clean your suit beforehand, run over it with an iron to remove any major wrinkled you come across. While not quite as effective as dry cleaning, ironing will still prove useful in preserving the look and integrity of your suit.

Turn Your Suit Inside Out

When you are ready to begin packing, go ahead and turn your suit jacket inside out, using extra care to ensure it doesn't become wrinkled in the process. The inside of a suit jacket is more resilient and less likely to wrinkle, which is why this technique tends to work. Furthermore, if the outside develops any wrinkles -- which it may -- you won't be able see them.

Fold It

After flipping your suit jacket inside out, go ahead and fold it vertically like you normally would. Next, fold your trousers and place them on top of the suit. You really don't have to worry about flipping your trousers inside out since they rarely become wrinkled anyways. If your trousers are prone to wrinkles, however, feel free to go ahead and do so.

Bag It Up

Place your suit jacket and trousers into a plastic bag. This will add an additional layer of protection, ensuring they don't develop any serious wrinkles during transit. Gently placed the bagged suit into your suitcase, fill it with other items so it doesn't have any "wiggle room," and you are ready to hit the road!