Things to Consider When Choosing Dress Socks for a Suit

Things to Consider When Choosing Dress Socks for a Suit

Many men overlook the importance of wearing the right dress socks with a suit. They assume that traditional socks are perfectly fine since no one will see them under their shoes. But the truth is that dress socks will affect both your comfort and appearance. Even when wearing shoes, people can still see your socks when you are seated. The bottom of your trousers will just enough to reveal your socks. And if you choose the wrong type of socks, it will hurt your ability to create an attractive, cohesive appearance. Furthermore, the socks you wear with a suit will directly affect your comfort level. This is especially true if you plan on walking or standing for a long time. Without comfortable dress socks, you should develop painful blisters on your feet where your skin is rubbed raw. To prevent this from happening, you need to choose the right pair of dress socks. So, how do you know which pair of socks is right for you? Consider the following factors when choosing a pair.


Arguably, the most important thing to consider when choosing dress socks is the color. If the color doesn't match your suit, it will create an awkward, unflattering appearance. A good rule of thumb is to wear dress socks in the same color as your suit trousers. If you're wearing a suit with charcoal gray trousers, for instance, you should wear socks with a similar charcoal gray color. This helps to conceal your socks by making them blend into your trousers. Normally, the top of your socks will show when you sit down, as this forces your trousers to rise up your ankle a few inches. As long as your socks are the same color as your trousers, though, this shouldn't have a negative impact on your appearance.


You should also consider the pattern when choosing dress socks for a suit. When shopping for dress socks, you'll probably discover that they are available in a wide variety of patterns, some of which include polka-dots, checkered, stripes and animal print. Of course, not all men's dress socks feature a pattern. Some consist strictly of a single color. If you want to enhance your appearance and create a more stylish outfit, though, a pair of patterned socks will help. Just remember to choose the right pattern. You really can't go wrong with a checkered pattern, as it offers a formal, classic style that looks great on all men. When wearing patterned socks, make sure the primary color matches the color of your suit trousers.


How tall are the dress socks? Men's dress socks are made in a variety of heights, ranging from ankle to over the calf.  The most common height in which men's dress socks are made, however, is mid calf. Mid-calf socks live up to their namesake by rising above halfway to the calves. They offer the perfect balance of style and comfort while ensuring that your socks don't fall down to your shoes in the process. The problem with shorter socks, such as ankle socks, is that they often fall or otherwise reveal your ankles -- and that's never a good thing when wearing a suit. You won't be able to create a proper formal attire if your ankles are exposed. So, choose mid-calf or taller dress socks when wearing a suit. shoes-3001880_960_720


Just like suits are made in different fabrics, so are dress socks. Wool is a popular choice for winter weather dress socks because of the increased warmth and insulation they offer. For the spring and summer months, cotton is a better choice. Cotton is lightweight, breathable and easy to maintain. If you're willing to make the investment, you'll find Egyptian cotton socks offer an unparalleled level of softness and comfort than most other fabrics. There are also silk dress socks, which rival the comfort of Egyptian cotton socks. The only downside to silk dress socks is that they are more expensive and require more work to clean and maintain.


Pay attention to the quality of the dress socks. Some guys assume that all dress socks are made equal, so they choose the cheapest pair in an attempt to save a couple bucks. Cheap dress socks, however, are usually made with inferior materials and poor craftsmanship. As a result, they tend to degrade more quickly than their higher quality counterparts. You can often gauge the quality of dress socks by feeling and inspecting them. Pay attention to the fabric and seams to see if it's unraveling anywhere. A pair of high-quality dress socks should be soft, smooth and without any visible imperfections. If you discovered loose thread, frayed seams or other imperfections, choose a different pair.

Dress Socks, Not Athletic Socks

There are different types of men's socks available for sale, most of which fall under one of two categories: dress or athletic. If you plan on wearing them with a suit, it's recommended that you choose the former. Dress socks are designed with lighter fabrics so that you can easily wear them with dress shoes like Oxfords or loafers. In comparison, athletic socks are usually made with thicker, moisture-wicking materials. Athletic socks are best worn for running, exercising and engaging in other athletic activities, whereas dress socks are best worn for formal events and occasions.

Match With Shoes

In addition to matching your suit trousers, your dress socks should also match your shoes. This doesn't necessarily mean that your dress socks should feature the exact color of your shoes. Rather, they should flow cohesively to create an attractive appearance. If you are wearing black shoes, for example, don't wear brown dress socks. Because black and brown clash with one another, doing so will only hurt your ability to create an attractive, cohesive outfit. These are just a few things to consider when choosing dress socks to wear with a suit. Most importantly, choose socks that compliment your outfit. If they don't match, you'll feel less confident wearing them.