Things to Consider When Buying Suit Trousers

Things to Consider When Buying Suit Trousers

Trousers can make or break the appearance of a suit. If you choose trousers that are too large or too small, it will create a messy look that does your outfit no justice. However, the right trousers will blend with your shirt and jacket, offering a complete look that enhances your overall appearance. But with so many different trousers available, ranging in size, shape, cut, color, fabric and design, how do you know which one to choose?

The Color

Let's go ahead and discuss one of the most important elements of suit trousers: the color. Why is color important? Well, it needs to flow cohesively with the rest of your outfit; otherwise, it will clash with your suit, creating an eye-sore that takes away from the beauty of your suit. Wearing a pair of brown-colored trousers with a black suit jacket, for instance, will create an unattractive appearance, as black and brown do not go together. However, wearing black trousers with a black suit jacket WILL match, and thus is a better choice than trying to mix brown and black.

The Length

One of the most common mistakes guys make when choosing and wearing trousers is opting for trousers that are too long. Some guys even intentionally choose trousers that are too long, assuming it will "give them room to grow in." Unfortunately, though, wearing trousers that are too long is a huge fashion no-no that will hurt your efforts in the long run. The bottom of the trousers will bunch up around your shoes, making them look baggy, wrinkled, and downright messy. Ideally, your trousers should go just slightly past your ankles when you aren't wearing shoes.

The Rise

But what about the rise of trousers? Should you choose trousers that are high-rise, medium-rise or low-rise? Most denim jeans today are produced with a lower rise than jeans made in the old says, simply because guys (and gals) prefer the comfort of them. When it comes to trousers, most people will agree that low-rise is also the most comfortable style to wear. The problem with high-rise trousers is that they tend to gradually rise up your waist when you wear them, which not only looks silly but is uncomfortable as well. This is why it's recommended that you stick with either low or medium-rise trousers.