The versatile ways to tie the knot for the versatile occasions

It seems some math geeks discovered 177147 ways to tie a tie.  I am pretty sure that men will jam in the middle of this Hercules task if they plan to try all.  So let’s stick to the basics. It’s quite obvious that women prefer a man who ‘suite up’ and here a neck tie is a must. It is a part of showing manliness and power dressing image. Wearing a tie cannot be avoided at many occasions.  So here we may not refer the whole lot of 177147 but rather stick to the basic and classy styles of ‘All tied up’. Studio suits bought you the three main 'must know' styles of tying a tie.

Windsor knot:  It is a traditional knot. It can also be defined as an all-purpose elegance knot from board room meeting to business interviews. It goes along with custom made suits and custom tuxedos. It is named after the duke of Windsor castle who invented it.

Step1: Place the tie around your neck such that the fat piece is longer than the skinny one as it hangs.

Step2: You need to adjust the proportions of the ends as per the size of your neck. If you got a more bulky neck, the skinny end should be longer than the other. If you got a small neck, the proportions can be rather equal on both the ends.

Step3: Now let the fat end cross over the skinny one in “x” form and fairly near to your neck.

Step4: Let the fat end drive through the loop between the collar and the other tie.

Step5: Bring the fat piece over the formed knot.

Step6: Now pull the fat end beneath the skinny loop on the right side, so that the fat end is inside out.

Step7: Let the fat end be pulled from right to left end and again through the loop.

Step8: Finally let the fat end be pulled down over the skinny end through the loop and then tighten the knot carefully with both your hands.

Step9: If you got a symmetrically formed triangle with a bulge knot viola! You did it.

Four-in-hand knot: A classy and easy knot and yes, popular too. Goes off with tailor suits well. The wide difference between this and the Windsor are the single loop we use here and a bulge free knot that is formed.

Step1:  After adjusting your length proportions, let the fat end be crossed over the skinny end and pull in opposite directions beneath the skinny end.

Step2:  Continue the process one more time by pulling the fat end to the opposite direction over the skinny end.

Step3: Now pull the fat end up through the loop formed near your neck. Later pull it down over the skinny end through the loose loop and carefully tighten it.

Bow -tie:  It is both elegant and formal with a pair of custom made tuxedo. A ought to know style for “black tie occasions”. Women's favorite is more like James bond tie style. Just loosen it up round your shoulders with the front buttons knocked out.

Step1: Place the tie around your neck such that one side is slightly longer, say about 2 inches.

Step2: Cross over the longer side over the shorter end.

Step3: Pull the longer end up and place it under the loop.

Step4: Now double end the shorter over itself to form the front base loop of the bow.

Step5: Loop the longer end over the center of the loop you just formed.

Step6: Holding everything in place double end the longer side back on itself and poke it through the loop behind the bow tie.

Step7: Adjust the bow tie, by tugging it at the ends.

Men need to embarrass the fact irrespective of how much you are intimidated to wear it.  Though you still have an easy alternative i.e. the “clip-on” ties! But personally it is a big “no-no” for me. Guys, now go tie yourself. You can even ask your women to do it for you, just in case you want to take a chance!

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