The Ultimate Guide to Washed Chinos

The Ultimate Guide to Washed Chinos

When shopping for new trousers, you may come across washed chinos. Not to be confused with khakis, washed chinos have become increasingly popular. They are stylish, versatile and comfortable -- three qualities you won't find in many other types of trousers. For a better understanding of washed chinos, there are a few things you need to know. Below is the ultimate guide to washed chinos.

What Are Washed Chinos?

Washed chinos are trousers consisting of a washed fabric and a twill weaving pattern. Most of them are made of cotton. The term "washed" simply means that the cotton is submerged in water during production. Chinos are available in dry or raw styles as well. Dry or raw chinos aren't made of water-soaked cotton. Rather, they are made of dry cotton.

In addition to being made of a washed fabric, washed chinos feature a twill weaving pattern. This is one of the characteristics that defines them. A twill weaving pattern means that the fabric is woven to create diagonal and parallel ridges. When viewed from afar, you typically won't be able to see these ridges. Inspecting a pair of washed chinos up close, though, will reveal its ridges. Washed chinos have a twill weaving pattern that's characterized by many diagonal and parallel ridges. Also known as ribs, they provide a unique texture that distinguishes washed chinos from other types of non-twill trousers.

Washed Chinos vs Khakis

It's important to note that washed chinos aren't the same as khakis. There are both standard khakis and washed khakis. Even washed khakis, though, are different than washed chinos.

Khakis typically don't feature the same twill weaving pattern as washed chinos. Rather, they feature a conventional weaving pattern that's devoid of the same diagonal and parallel ridges as found in washed chinos. Chinos have a twill weaving pattern, whereas khakis have an alternative and more traditional weaving pattern.

When compared to khakis, washed chinos are typically lighter. They weigh less than their khaki counterparts. And with their lightweight construction, washed chinos are more breathable. They'll allow your legs and body to breathe when worn, thus keeping you cool even when it's hot outside.

Benefits of Washed Chinos

Being that there are dozens of other types of trousers available, you might be wondering what benefits washed chinos offer. You really won't know the true benefits of washed chinos until you begin wearing them. With that said, there are several reasons to consider buying a pair.

As previously mentioned, washed chinos are lightweight. They weigh less than many other types of trousers, including khakis. Heavy trousers, of course, can be uncomfortable. If your trousers are heavy, they may restrict your ability to move and bend your body. Fortunately, this isn't a concern with washed chinos. Washed chinos are lightweight, so you can rest assured knowing that they won't restrict your movements.

Washed chinos are also protected against fading. Like all washed trousers, they are made of a water-soaked fabric, the most common of which being cotton. This process helps to protect them from future fading. You can wear washed chinos for many consecutive years without fear of them fading. This is just one more reason why they've become so popular.

Washed chinos are also versatile. In fact, they are one of the most versatile types of men's trousers on the market. Washed chinos offer the perfect blend of casual and formal attire. They are casual enough that you can wear them in your everyday outfits. At the same time, washed chinos are formal enough that you can dress them up. Wearing a pair of washed chinos with a dress shirt and suit jacket, for instance, will allow you to create a formal outfit.

Tips on Choosing Washed Chinos

While all washed chinos are made of a washed fabric and feature a twill weaving pattern, they are available in many different types. If you're going to buy a pair, you'll need to choose the right type. For starters, you should consider the color.

You can find washed chinos available in dozens of colors. Tan, as well as shades thereof, are a popular color in which washed chinos are made. With a pair of tan-colored washed chinos, you can rest assured knowing that they will match most of your garments and accessories. Tan is a universal color. Universal colors are those that flow cohesively with most other colors on the color wheel. Of course, tan isn't the only color in which washed chinos are made. Maybe you prefer black, or perhaps you want a bold color like red. Regardless, you can probably find washed chinos in your preferred color.

You should also consider the fabric when choosing washed chinos. Most washed chinos are made of cotton. Cotton is a lightweight, soft and easy-to-maintain fabric. Therefore, it's commonly used in the construction of washed chinos. With that said, some washed chinos may feature a different fabric. In addition to cotton, linen is oftentimes used to make washed chinos.

Different washed chinos have different pockets as well. All washed chinos have at least some pockets. Nonetheless, some of them have more pockets than others. The placement of these pockets can also vary. This is why it's a good idea to inspect the pocket when buying a pair of washed chinos.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing washed chinos is the size. If they don't fit, you probably won't get much use out of them. Oversized or undersized washed chinos aren't particularly comfortable, nor do they project a fashionable and stylish appearance. For the highest level of comfort and style, you need to choose washed chinos that fit properly.

Washed chinos are essentially trousers consisting of a washed fabric, such as cotton, and a twill weaving pattern. They offer many benefits. Among other things, washed chinos are lightweight, protected against fading and versatile. Just remember to choose the right type of washed chinos to take advantage of these benefits.