The Scoop on Tweed Suits: When and How to Wear Them

The Scoop on Tweed Suits: When and How to Wear Them

Wool and cotton-wool blends tend to be the most popular fabrics for men's suits. They are soft, comfortable, and readily available, making them the preferred choice of fabrics among suit designers. However, tweed suits offer a stylish alternative, which has triggered a growing demand for this alternative fabric. To learn more about tweed suits and how to wear them, keep reading.

What is Tweed?

In case this is your first time hearing about tweed, let me explain what it is: basically, tweed is a type of woollen fabric that's similar to cheviot and homespun. While there are dozens of ways to make it, suit designers typically create it by weaving the fabric with a plain weave. When a particular color is desired, the tweed yard is dyed before it is woven.

Tweed fabric has been a traditional staple among U.K. fashion, as it's frequently worn for informal coats, jacks and other forms of outwear. In recent years, though, it's been steadily gaining mainstream popularity here in the U.S., with guys choosing tweed suits over cotton or wool.

Benefits of Tweed

You might be wondering what (if any) benefits there are to wearing a tweed suit. Aside from its brilliant appearance, tweed is prized for its strength and durability. It's thick and offers ample insulation from the cold, making it an excellent choice for the winter season. If you plan on staying outdoors for a significant length of time and the local meteorologist is calling for cold weather, wearing a tweed suit may help you keep warm. The thick, dense nature of tweed "locks in" your body's heat, preventing it from escaping. This is in stark contrast to most other suit fabrics and materials, which offer minimal protection from the cold.

Tips on Wearing a Tweed Suit:

  • Because tweed is thicker than other fabrics and materials, it's best to wear it during the otherwise cold winter months.
  • Consider accessorizing your tweed suit with pocket square. Although small in size, it can make a world of difference in bringing your appearance together in a cohesive manner.
  • Don't limit yourself to single-colored tweed suits. Opting for a plaid or some other design can create a bold look that's sure to turn heads.
  • Consider your shoes/footwear and how they correspond with a tweed suit.