The Scoop on Men's 'Pocket Squares' and How To Wear Them

The Scoop on Men's 'Pocket Squares' and How To Wear Them

A pocket square is an otherwise simple accessory that can make a world of difference in the appearance of a men's suit. Tucked neatly into the left breast pocket of the suit jacket, it adds color and character, enhancing the wearer's appearance. Many guys turn a blind eye to pocket squares, assuming they offer little-to-no value. But the truth is that pocket squares can make or break a suit, turning an otherwise plain-looking suit into a polished, well-put-together outfit.

Origins of the Pocket Square

Contrary to popular belief, the pocket square isn't a new fashion accessory. It's actually been around for centuries, with some of the earliest reports dating back to the Ancient Greek Empire. However, it wasn't until the turn of the 20th century when gentlemen began tucking a pocket square into their suit's breast pocket. I think it's safe to say the trend stuck, because millions of guys continue to sport them today. Solid Color or Patterned? You really have one of two different options when wearing a pocket square: you can choose a single-colored pocket square, or you can choose a patterned pocket square. Single colors are best suited for formal events and occasions, whereas patterns are preferred for casual events. There's no rule stating that you cannot wear a patterned pocket square to a formal event, but most guys stick with single colors for formal occasions. Regardless of whether you choose a single-color or patterned pocket square, you should pay close attention to the other colors used in your outfit. If you are wearing a blue tie, you should try to include blue in your pocket square. On the other hand, if you are wearing a red tie, your pocket square should also feature red.

Folding the Pocket Square

There are several different ways to fold a pocket square, the easiest of which is the straight method. As the name suggests, this is characterized by a flat, horizontal top. To fold a pocket square using the straight method, lay the pocket square down on a flat surface, pull the left side to the ride side, pull the bottom towards the top but don't fold it, and then fold the fabric in thirds horizontally so it will fit inside your suit's breast pocket. Assuming you followed these steps correctly, the pocket square should tuck into your pocket with ease.