The Pitfalls of Renting a Suit

The Pitfalls of Renting a Suit

Formal events require formalwear. You can’t wear jeans and a t-shirt to a wedding, black-tie dinner or any other formal event. Instead, you’ll need to wear a suit. While there are stores from which you can rent a suit, however, you should think twice before doing so. Renting a suit may sound like a smart way to save money, but it can backfire in several ways. Here are the pitfalls of renting a suit.

Requires Multiple Visits

You’ll typically have to make multiple trips to the rental boutique when renting a suit. During your initial visit, you’ll have to choose the suit that you want to rent. The boutique will then prepare your suit, meaning you’ll have to go back to pick it up at a later date. After wearing the suit, you’ll have to make a third trip to return it.

You can buy a suit without making all of these back-and-forth visits. Shopping online, in fact, means you won’t have to make visits. As long as you have an internet connection, you can buy a suit online from the comfort of your home or office.

Poor Fit

Rental suits often fit poorly. The secret to an attractive formal outfit is getting the right size. Whether it’s the trousers, jacket or waist coat, all of the components of your suit must fit your body correctly. If just one of the components is too big or too small, it will throw off your entire outfit.

There’s always a chance that you’ll find the perfect-sized suit at a rental boutique. In most cases, though, you’ll end up with a poor fit. Rental boutiques cater to a large audience. Even if a rental boutique is willing to make adjustments, the suit will likely fit poorly. For the perfect fit, you should consider buying your suit.

Limited Styles

Another pitfall of renting a suit is limited styles. Rental boutiques have smaller inventories than other suit vendors. Some of them only carry a few dozen suits. With such as small inventory, you may struggle to find the right style.

It’s frustrating when you visit a rental boutique, only to discover that it doesn’t offer a suit in your preferred style. If this occurs, you may have to continue your search by visiting several other rental boutiques.

Buying your suit will allow you to choose from a larger inventory. Maybe you want a plaid linen suit, or perhaps you want a tweed suit. You’ll have more options from which to choose if you buy your suit.

Risk of Stains or Damage

You may end up with a stained or damaged suit if you rent it. Rental suits are exposed to a lot of wear and tear. After all, they are worn by multiple people. Someone who rented the suit before you may have stained or damaged the suit.

If the rental boutique didn’t spot the stain or damage before you rented the suit, you could be forced to pay for the suit. The rental boutique may claim that you were responsible for the stain or damage. When you rent a suit, you’ll usually have to sign a contract agreeing to pay for the damage. The rental boutique may use this contract to pressure you into paying for the damage, regardless of whether you actually caused it.

Must Return

Of course, you’ll have to return your suit if you rent it. Some rental boutiques offer three-day rentals, whereas others offer seven-day or longer rentals. Regardless, after this period has expired, you’ll have to visit the rental boutique to return the suit.

And the longer you rent a suit, the more you can expect to pay. If you need to rent a suit for a long period, it may be cheaper to buy it. Not all suits cost thousands of dollars. You can buy suits for just a fraction of this cost.

Buy Your Next Suit, Don’t Rent It

Rather than renting it, you should buy your next suit. There are numerous pitfalls associated with suit rentals. They require multiple visits to the rental boutique, fit poorly, have limited styles, may be stained or damaged, and you’ll have to return them.

You can avoid these and other pitfalls by purchasing your next suit. It’s a smart investment that will ensure you look your best and feel your best.

There’s no need to visit a rental boutique if you buy your suit. Here at StudioSuits, we offer one of the largest selections of premium men’s suits – and you can order them online.

When placing an order for your preferred suit, you can specify your body measurements. You aren’t required to choose a suit in a generic size. Rather, you can order a custom-sized suit. Custom-sized fits are designed using your body measurements, so you can rest assured knowing that they fit perfectly.

You can choose from countless different styles when buying your suit. As previously mentioned, rental boutiques have smaller inventories, meaning you’ll have fewer styles from which to choose. This isn’t an issue when buying a suit, though.

You don’t have to worry about stains or damage if you buy your suit. Unlike their rental counterparts, they haven’t been worn in the past. Buying a new suit means you’ll be the first person to wear it. The suit won’t have any stains, nor it will suffer from other forms of damage. You’ll have a new and pristine suit to wear for formal events.

If you want to keep your suit, you’ll need to buy it. All rental suits must be returned. Failure to return it on time may result in late fees. Some rental boutiques may even charge you the total amount of the suit if you don’t return it on time. If you buy your suit, however, you can keep it forever. The bottom line is that buying is almost always better than renting a suit.