The perfect destination wedding suits for the perfect bridegroom

The perfect destination wedding suits for the perfect bridegroom

The bride walks down the sand, the gentle sea breeze and the groom waiting for her at the altar. The sun setting behind at the horizon as the background is the perfect fantasy wedding. Every women dreams of her perfect man in the perfect suit but most people out there have a total misconception that destination wedding is an informal event or to dress up like some bohemian. But rather it is a perfectly customized and flexible event rolled up cuffs, linen shirts, tucked suits, sandals and what not. You won’t believe but there is an entire range of customized suits and tuxedos offered by studio suits to target the beach destination weddings. With light hues and light weight an incredible comfort is experienced with the custom suits. They reflect nothing but elegance at the wedding.

The versatile range of custom suits offered by StudioSuits is:

Oceanic blues: It is a popular pick for beach destination weddings. The custom made suiting and shirting are the perfect choice. The dark shades create a prefect balance with the picturesque settings of blue waters and sky you are surrounded with. The blues can vary in hues as per your customization. From deep royal blue to light sky blue or pastoral blue various nuances are available at StudioSuits.


Gray suits: These custom made suits may not sink along with the tropical surroundings but will definitely give you a chic and relaxed look. 


Shades of tan: This is the favorite color of beach weddings. It gives you the refined and handsome look. At the same time suits with shade of tan take the correspondence to your destination theme. The shades range from hues of darker sand color to light chestnut brown.


Raven black: This customized look is an inspiration from the classic wedding attire color. The men in black custom suits reflect the perfect groom appearance. The dark evenings, the romantic atmosphere and the men in black will make a perfect wedding. The color can vary from deep black to shades in mix with grey.


Classic white: The color of holy nuptials’ with perfect white to off white hues and shades of cream are favorite pickings for custom suits and tuxedos. Pick the classic white for the serene beach wedding or at the prodigious garden wedding. 


Navy blue suits and Navy blue tuxedos: These are the recent popular choices for destination weddings. If the wedding is surrounded by beaches or clear sky, the navy blue suits fits you well in the screen. The bridegroom’s friends can go with the navy bue custom theme too.

The beauty of a destination wedding is the attire you wear as it allures your better half. Just make the day perfect irrespective of what entails you. It is ok to take some time, breathe the air, get ready and suit up well for the most awaited day. The best journeys in the life always start from the destination! Visit us at: