The Importance of Choosing a Suit in the Right Size

The Importance of Choosing a Suit in the Right Size

Are you looking to expand your wardrobe with a new suit? If so, you're probably well aware of just how many different types suits are available for size. Some are made of cotton, whereas others are made of wool or linen. Some suits feature a black color, whereas others feature navy or gray. With that said, men's suits are also available in a variety of sizes. And while size choosing a slightly oversized or undersized suit may sound harmless enough, you should making this mistake. In this blog post, we're going to explore the importance of choosing a suit in the right size.

Prevents Stretching

It's not uncommon for undersized garments to stretch when worn for a prolonged length of time. Some fabrics are more susceptible to stretching than others. Nearly all suit fabrics, however, can stretch if they don't fit right. If you attempt to wear a suit jacket and trousers that are too small for your body, for example, the fabric will stretch. It doesn't matter whether your suit is made of cotton, linen, wool, tweed or any other fabric, it will stretch if it's too small. Unfortunately, this can permanently damage your suit by causing certain areas of the fabric to stretch while retaining the original size and shape of the other areas. And when this damage occurs, your only viable course of option is to replace the suit. You can prevent this from happening, however, by choosing a suit in the right size.

Conceals Socks

Wearing a suit in the right size will also conceal your socks when you are standing. If your suit trousers are too small, the upper part of your foot or ankle may be exposed, thereby revealing your socks for the world to see. Granted, it's perfectly fine to reveal the top of your socks -- assuming they are dress socks and feature the same color as your trousers -- when you are sitting. When you are standing, though, no one should be able to see any part of your socks. Therefore, you need to wear a suit in the right size. Your suit trousers should fully cover your legs and ankles when you stand. If any part of your leg or socks are visible, consider choosing trousers in a longer length.

Defines Your Figure

You can always tell if a suit fits right by looking in the mirror. A well-fitted suit should rest comfortably on your body, which in turn helps to define your figure. The same can't be said for oversized suits. If your suit is too big for your body, the excess fabric will essentially drape off your body to create an awkward and unflattering appearance. Undersized suits are also a poor choice because of their constricting appearance. Regardless of the occasion for which you are getting dressed, wearing a well-fitted suit will protect you from these fashion headaches.

Warmth and Protection From the Elements

Not all suits offer the same level of warmth and protection from the elements. While certain fabrics are warmer than others, size can affect a suit's "warmth" as well. Suits that are too big or too small, for example, offer less warmth than a well-fitted suit of the same fabric type. An oversized suit will create more space between your skin and the fabric, resulting in less warmth. On the other hand, an undersized suit will likely leave certain areas of your skin exposed to the air. This is why it's important to choose a suit in the right size, especially if you intend to wear it during the winter. If it's too big or too small, you may find yourself getting cold while wearing it. agreement-2286439_960_720344

Superior Comfort

Nothing compares to the comfortable feeling of wearing a suit in the right size. It will rest comfortably on your body without feeling constricting or too loose. As a result, it's essential that you wear the right size suit to work. If you spend eight or more hours working a day, an oversized or undersized suit could leave you feeling uncomfortable. And if you aren't comfortable, you may find yourself working slower while producing less work in the process. In this regard, wearing a suit in the right size may have a positive impact on your productivity at work.

Prevents Torn Seams

Need another reason to choose a suit in the right size? Well, if your suit doesn't fit right, you may discover one or more torn seams. All suits contain seams where two or more pieces of fabric are jointed together, typically with thread. These seams are designed so that they can withstand some pressure. When too much pressure is exerted upon them, however, they'll tear. This means the two separate pieces of fabric will no longer be fully joined, exposing some of your skin. You can prevent this from happening by choosing a suit in the right size. As long as it fits right, little or no pressure will be placed on the seams.

It's Easier Than You Think

Contrary to what some men believe, finding the perfect-fitting suit isn't difficult. Sure, you can visit a half-dozen or more retail department stores to see if they offer a suit in your size. In some cases, you may get lucky and find the perfect size. In others, though, you'll end up wasting gas as you drive around to these stores to no avail. We simplify the process at StudioSuits by offering custom sizing at no additional charge. When you order a suit, you can tell us your body measurements. Our team of suit experts will then use these measurements to design the perfect suit in the right size. As you can see, there are many reasons to wear a suit in the right size. It prevent stretching, conceals your socks, defines your figure, offers a superior level of comfort and more. But size is just one thing to consider when choosing a suit. You'll also need to consider the fabric, color and overall style. By taking into account these factors, you'll have an easier time choosing the perfect suit.