The Dos and Don'ts of Choosing a Scarf for a Suit

The Dos and Don'ts of Choosing a Scarf for a Suit

Are you looking to accessorize your suit with a scarf? Whether it's a two-piece or three-piece suit, you can't go wrong with a scarf. The right scarf will complement the appearance of your suit while adding an invaluable layer of thermal protection to your neck.

During the winter, a scarf will keep your neck and head warm. All scarves are designed to be worn around the neck. When it's cold outside, you can accessorize your suit with a scarf to stay warm. There are several dos and don'ts you should follow, however, when choosing a scarf for a suit.

Do Choose a New Scarf

There are new and used scarves available for sale. While used scarves typically cost less than their new counterparts, they aren't always a smart investment. Used scarves are more likely to exhibit signs of wear and tear. They may have small holes, sun-bleached spots, fraying edges or other forms of damage. And when buying a used scarf, you'll have fewer options from which to choose. Instead of a used scarf, choose a new scarf with which to accessorize your suit.

Don't Overlook the Fabric

When choosing a scarf to wear with a scarf, don't forget to check the fabric. Different scarves are made of different types of fabric. Wool, for example, is a common fabric used in the construction of scarves. Wool scarves are thick, soft, hypoallergenic, and most importantly, warm.

You can also find scarves made of linen. Linen scarves are thinner and lighter than their wool counterparts. As a result, they are better choice for the milder winter days. When it's particularly cold outside, you may want to accessorize your suit with a wool scarf, instead.

Do Match With Your Suit

You should choose a scarf that matches your suit. Suits, of course, typically feature a uniform appearance. They consist of a jacket and trousers, which are designed to match each other. Because suits feature a uniform appearance, your scarf should follow a similar appearance. If your scarf looks completely different than your suit jacket and trousers, it will stand out -- and not in a good way.

Your scarf doesn't have to be the same color (or colors) as your suit. While this always an option, you can choose a scarf in a different color. The key thing to remember is that your scarf should flow cohesively with your suit.

Don't Limit to a Single Color

It's a common misconception that scarves should only feature a single color. Some men assume that they shouldn't wear a scarf if it features two or more colors. Rather, they believe they should only wear scarves that feature a single color.

The truth is that scarves can feature any number of colors. Maybe you prefer a single color, or perhaps you prefer scarves that feature two or three colors. Regardless, you don't have to limit yourself to choosing a scarf in a single color. You can accessorize your suit with a multicolored scarf.

Do Check the Size

Scarves are available in different sizes. If you're going to accessorize your suit with a scarf, you'll need to check the size to ensure it will fit. Most scarves feature two specific size measurements: length and width. For traditional rectangular-shaped scarves, the length reflects how long the scarf is when laid out flat. The width, conversely, reflects the scarf's width from side to side.

Don't Assume All Scarves Are the Same

You shouldn't assume that all scarves are the same. Most scarves do, in fact, feature a similar design consisting of a rectangular shape. With this traditional design, you can easily accessorize your suit with a scarf by wrapping it around your neck, followed by tying the ends in a knot.

Some scarves, though, feature an alternative design. There are infinity scarves, for example, that are characterized by a loop shaped. They aren't rectangular. Rather, infinity scarves are shaped like a loop or donut. They are known as infinity scarves because they don't end.

Do Familiarize Yourself With Care Requirements

When shopping for a scarf to wear with a suit, familiarize yourself with its care requirements. All scarves require maintenance. You'll need to care for your new scarf so that it doesn't succumb to damage. With that said, the care requirements for scarves may vary.

Most scarves can be cleaned by hand-washing. You can hand-wash wool and linen scarves to cleanly them. After cleaning them, you can either tumble-dry them on the low heat setting ,or you can hang them on a line to dry. Keep in mind that scarves are susceptible to heat-related damage. Therefore, it's best to avoid washing scarves in hot water or exposing them to hot air.

Don't Choose an Excessive Thick Scarf

Thick scarves aren't always bad. They can prove beneficial, in fact, when worn during the winter. If a scarf is thick, it will typically offer greater thermal protection, thereby keeping you warm. When wearing a suit, though, you don't want to make the mistake of choosing an excessively thick scarf.

Scarves are typically worn underneath suit jackets. You can wrap a scarf around your neck, after which you can put on your suit jacket. The problem with excessively thick scarves is that they may not fit underneath your suit jacket. They may take up too much space, which can create a puffy appearance when wearing a suit jacket. You can still choose a wool scarf, but make sure it's relatively thin. Otherwise, it may clash with your suit jacket.

Do Learn How to Wear It

When choosing a scarf, you'll need to know how to wear it. There are several different ways to wear a scarf. Rectangular scarves can typically be worn by wrapping them around your neck once or twice. For an infinity scarf, conversely, you'll need to place your head through the center. You should learn how to wear a scarf before buying it. Doing so will allow you to properly include it in a suit outfit.