The Different Ways In Which Suits are Sold

The Different Ways In Which Suits are Sold

9602636767_32df39e119_zThinking about purchasing a new suit? Regardless of the occasion, a suit will enhance your appearance, making you look formal yet stylish at the same time. While there are literally thousands of different men's suits available for sale, they all fall under one of four different categories, which we're going to discuss further in this blog post.


One of the lesser-known ways in which men's suits are made and sold is known as bespoke. This involves the custom tailoring and designing of a suit to fit the customer's measurements and preferences. The customer will tell the tailor/store what type of suit he wants and what his measurements are, and the tailor will use this information to custom design the perfect suit. The obvious benefit in choosing a bespoke suit is the simple fact that you can rest assured knowing it will fit your body perfectly -- something that can't be said for most other types of men's suits.

Made To Measure

Not to be confused with bespoke, made to measure suits are created with a pre-made pattern that is modified according to the customer's measurements. Granted, there's still some level of customization and personalization associated with made to measure suits, but they typically lack the attention of detail found in bespoke. On the plus side, however, they tend to cost less than their bespoke counterpart, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious men who are looking to purchase a custom-fitted suit.

Ready To Wear

As the name suggests, ready to wear suits are sold straight off the rack. Unlike bespoke and made to measure, they are not custom fitted to the customer's body size and shape. If a ready to wear suit doesn't fit right, the customer must take it to a professional tailor to have it altered.

Suit Separates

A fourth and final way in which men's suits are made and sold is called suit separates. This involves selling the coat and pants separately rather than together a a pair. Suit separates allow the customer to choose a specific size for both the coat and pants while limiting the amount of alterations required. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method mentioned above. However, bespoke and made to measure tend to offer the greatest level of personalization. If you're looking for a new suit that fits your body just right, you'll want to choose one of these two types.