The Complete Guide to Worsted Suits

The Complete Guide to Worsted Suits

If you're in the market for a new suit, you should consider choosing a worsted suit. Worsted suits are regarded as some of the highest-quality men's suits available. They are comfortable, stylish and long-lasting. Unfortunately, many men are unfamiliar with them, so they fail to choose them. What is a worsted suit exactly, and why you should choose it over a traditional cotton suit?

What Is a Worsted Suit?

A worsted suit is a type of two- or three-piece suit that's characterized by its worsted-based construction. It's not made of cotton or linen. Rather, worsted suits are made of a special type of high-quality wool known as worsted.

Worsted is regarded as one of the world's highest-quality types of wool. It receives its namesake from a small English village where it was originally produced. In the English county of Norfolk lies a village called Worsted. During the 12th century, textile workers opened a manufacturing facility to produce a special type of wool. They discovered that the soil in and around Worsted was too rich for the town's existing agrarian sheep, so they began raising a different breed of sheep, thereby spurring the production of worsted wool.

Worsted Suit vs Traditional Wool Suit: What's the Difference?

Being that worsted is a type of wool, you might be wondering how worsted suits differ from traditional wool suits. By definition, a wool suit is any type of suit that's made of animal fur. Most wool suits are made of sheep fur, though others are made of goat fur. Worsted suits, on the other hand, are made exclusively of sheep fur.

It's also worth noting that worsted suits feature straight and parallel fibers. They are constructed using a specific type of wool, which is woven in a specific way. Traditional wool suits are often made with a different type of wool and a different weaving pattern.

Benefits of Wearing a Worsted Suit

You can rest assured knowing that worsted suits are stylish. After all, that's one of the reasons why they are so popular. Worsted is a premium type of wool that offers an equally high-quality and luxurious style. When wearing a worsted suit, you'll project a high-end style that complements your appearance. Regarding aesthetics, few fabrics compare to worsted. You'll create a more stylish outfit if you choose a worsted suit rather than a suit made of an alternative fabric.

Worsted suits have a particularly smooth finish. Most suits, on the other hand, have a somewhat rough finish. When you inspect a traditional suit up close, you'll notice the finish is somewhat rough. Worsted suits don't suffer from this problem. They have a super-smooth finish that's not found elsewhere.

Not only are they stylish; worsted suits are incredibly comfortable. Wool, of course, is soft. It features a lightweight and soft texture that many men prefer over cotton, linen and other fabrics. Nonetheless, worsted suits rank as some of the softest and most comfortable suits available. Worsted is lighter and suppler than most other fabrics, thereby allowing for a superior level of comfort. If you're tired of wearing suits that cause discomfort halfway through the day, perhaps a worsted suit is the answer.

Another benefit of wearing a worsted suit is that they are easy to maintain. All suits require at least some time and effort to maintain. When compared to traditional suit materials, though, worsted suits are much easier to maintain. They don't wrinkle easily, nor do worsted suits succumb to stains. And since worsted is an organic fabric, it won't sustain damage when exposed to water or moisture. Of course, you should still maintain your worsted suit according to the instructions provided on the care tag.

How to Choose a Worsted Suit

To take advantage of the aforementioned benefits, you need to choose the right worsted suits. Keep in mind that not all wool suits are made of worsted wool. Most wool suits are actually made of a different type of wool, so they don't offer the same benefits as their worsted counterparts. You'll need to choose a suit that's specifically made of worsted wool.

Worsted suits are available in two- and three-piece outfits. A two-piece worsted suit consists of worsted trousers and a suit jacket. In comparison, a three-piece worsted suit consists of worsted trousers, a suit jacket and a waistcoat, all of which are made of worsted wool.

You should choose a worsted suit in an appropriate color. Like many other suits, worsted suits are available in a plethora of colors. Some worsted suits are gray, whereas others are black. You can even find worsted suits in less-common colors like green and red. What color should you choose exactly? There's no wrong color for a worsted suit. As long as you feel comfortable and confident wearing it, you can choose a worsted suit in any color. With that said, you should always wear a suit in a color that flows cohesively with the rest of your outfit, including your shoes, belt and dress shirt.

Don't forget to consider the size when shopping for a worsted suit. You won't get much use of it if it doesn't fit. Whether a worsted suit is too big or too small, you won't wear it very often. You can avoid this headache, however, by choosing a worsted suit in the right size for your body.

Here at StudioSuits, we offer custom sizing for worsted suits. You don't have to buy a worsted suit in a generic size. Instead, you can order a worsted suit in a custom size according to your body measurements.

Something else to consider when shopping for a worsted suit is the breast style. Like most other suits, worsted suits are available in two breast styles: single and double. Single-breasted worsted suits are defined by their use of a single vertical arrangement of buttons on the front of the jacket. Double-breasted worsted suits, as you may have guessed, have two vertical arrangements of buttons of the front of the jacket. In the past, double-breasted jackets were the most popular. In recent years, though, single-breasted jackets have become the preferred choice. Regardless, worsted suit jackets are available in both breast styles.