The Complete Guide to Tweed Suit Jackets

The Complete Guide to Tweed Suit Jackets

Suit jackets are available in a variety of fabrics. In addition to cotton and linen, there are tweed suit jackets. Tweed suit jackets, in fact, have become increasingly popular over the years. They offer a formal and stylish appearance that's slightly different than that of other suit jackets. If this is your first time hearing about them, though, you should read the following guide to learn more about tweed suit jackets.

What Is a Tweed Suit Jacket?

A tweed suit jacket is a type of formal jacket that's made of rough-spun wool and features a multi-colored pattern. It's worn in formal outfits, typically with a pair of suit trousers consisting of the same tweed fabric. Regardless, all tweed suit jackets are made of tweed. Tweed consists of a rough woolen fabric that features a specific pattern in multiple colors.

Some of the most common patterns for tweed suit jackets include the following:

  • Herringbone
  • Twill
  • Checkered
  • Rope weave
  • Plaid

Types of Tweed

In addition to different patterns, tweed suit jackets are available in different types of tweed. There's Harris tweed, for instance, and there's Donegal tweed. Harris and Donegal tweed have become synonymous with this suit fabric. You can find suit jackets made of Harris and Donegal tweed.

What's the difference between Harris tweed and Donegal tweed exactly? Harris tweed is a newer and more modern type of tweed. It emerged in the early 1990s from the Outer Hebrides where it was originally created. Donegal tweed is an older and more traditional type of weed. As its name suggests, Donegal tweed was pioneered in County Donegal, Ireland.

You can't go wrong with a tweed suit jacket made of either Harris or Donegal tweed. They both offer a premium construction that's superior to other, lower-quality types of weed.

Tweed Suit Jackets: Why They Offer a Unique Style

In terms of uniqueness, tweed suit jackets offer a truly one-of-a-kind style. This is due to their use of a multi-colored pattern. All tweed suit jackets feature a pattern in multiple colors. In other words, they don't feature woolen thread in a single color. Rather, tweed suit jackets are made of woolen thread in multiple colors, which is woven together to form a pattern.

The use of a multi-colored pattern creates a unique style. You won't be able to see the different color when viewing a tweed suit jacket from afar. They are designed with patterns consisting of a primary color and at least one other secondary color, the latter of which is more discreet. As a result, tweed suit jackets offer a unique style. They look like a single, almost glowing color when viewed from afar. Viewing a tweed suit jacket up close, conversely, will allow you to see the different colors in its pattern.

Lining Options Available

You may discover that some tweed suit jackets are available with lining. Lining refers to the addition of a new fabric that's sewn into the suit jacket. When wearing a tweed suit jacket with lining, your body won't be directly exposed to the woolen tweed fabric. Instead, it will be exposed to the lining.

Viscose is often used for lining with tweed suit jackets. What is viscose exactly? It's a super-soft -- as well as smooth -- synthetic fabric consisting of cellulose fibers. It has a similar texture as silk. If you've ever felt silk, you may recall how smooth it is. Viscose lining offers this same level of smoothness.

Single vs Double Breasted Tweed Suit Jackets

Like with other types of suit jackets, there are two primary breast styles in which tweed suit jackets are made: single breasted and double breasted. Regardless of the pattern or color, most tweed suit jackets can be classified as either single breasted or double breasted.

Single-breasted tweed suit jackets are the most common. They are defined by their use of a single column of buttons on the front. All suit jackets have buttons on the front. Double-breasted suit jackets, including those made of tweed, simply have a single column of buttons on the front. Double-breasted suit jackets, on the other hand, have the double the amount of buttons. They essentially have two columns of buttons on the front.

Keep in mind that the actual number of buttons a tweed suit jacket has can vary. Some of them have more buttons per column than others. Nonetheless, you should still consider whether a tweed suit has a single-breasted or double-breasted front. The former has a single column of buttons, while the latter has two columns of buttons.

Different Lapel Styles for Tweed Suit Jackets

If you're going to buy a tweed suit jacket, you'll need to consider the lapel style. Lapels are the folded sections of fabric found around the neckline. Tweed suit jackets are available in different lapel styles, each of which features a unique type of fold around the neckline.

Notch lapels offer a simple and clean appearance that's perfect for all tweed suit jackets. Notch, in fact, is the most common lapel style for suit jackets. There are many other lapel styles, though, some of which include slim notch, wide notch, peak, wide peak and classic.

Don't Ignore Custom Sizing

When shopping for a tweed suit jacket, you may have the option of choosing custom sizing. You should take advantage of this option to ensure that it fits perfectly. Custom sizing means the tweed suit jacket will be designed using your body measurements.

Most local stores only sell tweed suit jackets in generic sizes. If you're lucky, you may find a generic-sized tweed suit jacket that matches the shape and size of your body. But this doesn't always a happen. To overcome this challenge, you can order a custom-sized tweed suit jacket. You'll have the freedom to specify your body measurements, thus giving you peace of mind knowing that the tweed suit jacket will fit perfectly.