The Complete Guide to Tuxedo Shirts

The Complete Guide to Tuxedo Shirts

When wearing a tuxedo, you'll need to choose the right type of shirt. Tuxedos are formalwear. Like with all formal outfits, they require formal garments. You can't just wear a t-shirt or polo shirt with a tuxedo. For an attractive and cohesive appearance, you'll need to choose a formal shirt. Fortunately, there are shirts available for tuxedos. Known as tuxedo shirts, they can complement the appearance of your tuxedo while projecting a formal style.

What Is a Tuxedo Shirt?

A tuxedo shirt is a type of formal button-up dress shirt that's designed specifically for use in a tuxedo. Tuxedos, of course, are suits. They consist of a formal jacket and pair of matching formal trousers. The jacket and trousers are typically made of the same fabric, and they typically feature the same color.

By themselves, tuxedos don't include a shirt. When you buy a tuxedo, you'll typically only get a jacket and matching trousers. Therefore, you'll have to purchase a shirt separately. Tuxedos require the use of a formal shirt. A tuxedo shirt is a particular type of formal shirt that lives up to its namesake. As the name suggests, tuxedo shirts are designed for use in a tuxedo. You can wear a tuxedo shirt under the jacket. It will help to complete your tuxedo while offering a fashionable and formal style that lifts your appearance.

While tuxedo shirts vary, they often have the following features:

  • Formal collar style, such as spread stiff
  • High-quality buttons
  • French cuffs
  • Clean and crisp fabric

The Importance of Choosing the Right Tuxedo Shirt

If you're going to wear a tuxedo, you'll need to choose the right tuxedo shirt for it. Tuxedo shirts are worn under jackets. With that said, they aren't completely concealed. Some of your tuxedo shirt will remain visible. If it's the wrong color or style, it may clash with the rest of your tuxedo.

Choosing the right tuxedo shirt will help you create a more complete formal outfit. Tuxedos are formal outfits that consist of a jacket and matching trousers. But they still require an appropriate dress shirt. A tuxedo shirt will add the finishing touch to your tuxedo that complements both the jacket and trousers with which you wear it.

Another reason choosing the right tuxedo shirt is important involves comfort. Some tuxedo shirts are more comfortable than others. If a tuxedo shirt is too stiff or has a scratchy texture, it may cause discomfort when worn. And considering that most formal events last for at least several hours, you'll probably want to avoid discomfort such as this. Fortunately, there are plenty of high-quality tuxedo shirts that are comfortable to wear for long periods.

Tuxedo Shirt Colors: What You Should Know

Tuxedo shirts are available in different colors. What color should you choose exactly? White has become the universal color for tuxedo shirts. Most men prefer white tuxedo shirts over all other colors.

White tuxedo shirts are popular because they contrast with black jackets and trousers. Tuxedos are typically black. The jacket and trousers of most tuxedos features a black color. Assuming you have a black tuxedo, you can't go wrong with a white tuxedo shirt. A white tuxedo shirt will contrast with the naturally dark tone of your black jacket and trousers.

You can find tuxedo shirts in other colors. White is simply the most popular color because tuxedos are typically black. If you have a tuxedo in an alternative color, though, you may want to choose a tuxedo shirt in a different color. There's no rule stating that you must wear a white tuxedo shirt. It's perfectly fine to choose a tuxedo shirt in a different color; just remember to choose a color that matches your jacket and trousers.

Go With a Lightweight Fabric

Another tip to follow when choosing a tuxedo shirt is to go with a lightweight fabric. Tuxedo shirts are made of many of the same fabrics as other button-up dress shirts. You can find them in cotton, for example. Cotton tuxedo shirts are lightweight, soft and hypoallergenic. As a result, they've become a popular choice.

Some tuxedo shirts are made of linen. They look and feel like cotton tuxedo shirts. Nonetheless, linen isn't the same as cotton. It's a different fabric that's derived from a different type of plant. Linen is actually lighter than cotton, but it's not quite as soft. Whether you prefer cotton or linen, you should go with a lightweight fabric when choosing a tuxedo shirt.

Don't Forget a Bow Tie

You should consider accessorizing your tuxedo shirt with a bow tie. One of the ways in which tuxedos differ from other suits is that they typically require a bow tie. Other suits, conversely, only require a necktie.

Bow ties are more formal than neckties. You can use them to accessorize a tuxedo shirt. When wearing a tuxedo shirt, you can wrap the bowtie around the collar to achieve a more formal appearance that's synonymous with tuxedos. With a white tuxedo shirt -- as well as a black tuxedo jacket and trousers -- you can wear a black bow tie.

Accessorizing a tuxedo shirt with a bow tie is easy. Most men will agree that bow ties are easier to wear, in fact, that neckties. You can flip up the collar of your tuxedo shirt, followed by wrapping the bowtie around your neck and securing it in place. For more information on how to wear a bow tie, check out this post.

Buttons or Cufflinks

Tuxedo shirts may have buttons built into the cuffs, or they may support the use of cufflinks. Built-in buttons, of course, are convenient. You can unfasten the buttons when putting on the tuxedo shirt, after which you can refasten the buttons to secure the ends of the sleeves.

Not all tuxedo shirts have built-in buttons, though. Some of them support the use of cufflinks, instead. Cufflinks are separate fasteners that aren't built into the cuffs.