The Complete Guide to Linen Suits

The Complete Guide to Linen Suits

Cotton isn't the only fabric in which suits are made. Whether you're shopping for a two-piece suit or a three-piece suit, you can probably find it in linen. Linen suits, in fact, have become an increasingly popular alternative to cotton suits. If you're tired of wearing the same cotton suits day after day, it might be time to invest in a linen suit. This following post offers a guide to linen suits.

What Is a Linen Suit?

A linen suit is a type of formal outfit for men that consists of a pair of linen trousers and a matching linen jacket. What is linen exactly? It's a fabric consisting of the soft and fluffy fibers of the flax plant. The fibrous material is harvested from the flax plant, after which it's processed and used as linen. Linen suits are those made of this fibrous material. They are available in many different colors and styles, but all linen suits are made of the same linen fabric.

Benefits of Choosing a Linen Suit

When compared to cotton suits, linen suits are stronger. They can withstand more use without succumbing to the hands of time. Linen is actually about 30% stronger than its cotton counterpart. Therefore, suits made of linen are naturally strong and durable. By choosing a linen suit, you won't have to worry about it ripping, tearing or otherwise degrading. As long as you maintain it, your linen suit will offer countless years of use without showing signs of wear and tear.

Many men prefer linen suits during the summer because of their naturally cool properties. Both cotton and linen are considered "cool" fabrics that are ideal for the otherwise hot summer months. If you're looking for a suit to wear outdoors during the summer, you can't go wrong with either of these fabrics. With that said, linen suits are superior in their ability to keep you cool in hot and humid weather.

Why are linen suits are cooler than cotton suits? The reason for their coolness lies in their construction. Linen fibers are longer and thinner than cotton fibers. When woven together, these fibers result in a mesh-like material (linen) that's more breathable than cotton.

You can beat the summer heat choosing a linen suit. It won't insulate and trap your body heat like suits made of other fabrics will. Instead, a linen suit will allow your body to breathe. Heat will escape your body through the mesh-like linen fabric, thereby keeping you cool even when it's hot outside.

Linen suits are undoubtedly attractive as well. This alone is reason enough to consider adding a linen suit to your summer wardrobe. They offer a timeless appearance that's guaranteed to enhance your image. You can even find them in custom sizes. Custom-sized linen suits, such as those sold here at StudioSuits, are designed using your body measurements. Therefore, they fit perfectly. You won't have to worry about your linen suit being too big or too small. With custom sizing, it will be designed using your body measurements to eliminate these concerns.

2-Piece vs 3-Piece Linen Suits

As previously mentioned, there are two-piece linen suits and three-piece linen suits. Both types are made of linen, and both types are available in a myriad of colors. Three-piece linen suits simply contain an added waistcoat, whereas two-piece linen suits do not.

A two-piece linen suit is a jacket and pair of matching trousers, both of which are made of linen. A three-piece linen suit contains these same garments but with an added waistcoat, which is also made of linen. For most occasions, a two-piece linen suit will suffice. For black-tie dinners and other strictly formal occasions, however, you may want to choose a three-piece linen suit.

Keep in mind that while your trousers and jacket should match each other, your waistcoat can feature an entirely different color or pattern. For three-piece linen suits, the jacket and trousers should always match. Nonetheless, the waistcoat can feature a different color or pattern.

Look for a Premium Linen Construction

If you're going to buy a linen suit, you should choose one that's constructed of premium linen. Like with other types of fabrics, there are different types of linen. Some types of linen are higher quality than others. You'll get more use out of a linen suit if it's constructed of high-quality and premium linen.

Italian linen, for example, is a type of premium linen. It originated in Italy several centuries ago. Italian linen is finer and softer than most other types of leather. When used in the construction of a two- or three-piece suit, it offers the same attractive and desirable properties. Other types of premium linen include Irish linen, Solbiati linen and cotton linen.

Wear the Right Accessories With It

After investing in a new linen suit, you should secure the right accessories for it. There are certain accessories that are synonymous with men's suits. You'll probably want to wear a tie with your linen suit, for instance. A tie is a formal accessory that's worn around your neck. There are neckties, and there are bow ties. You can wear either of them with your linen suit to create a more uniform and formal appearance.

Many men accessorize their linen suits with a pocket square. A pocket square is a square-shaped piece of colored cloth that's worn inside of the breast pocket of a suit jacket. Assuming your linen suit jacket has a breast pocket -- which most of them do -- you can accessorize it with a pocket square. Just fold the pocket square into a neat square, after which you can place it inside of the breast pocket of your suit jacket.

A wristwatch is another accessory that's commonly worn in conjunction with suits. You can always check the time by pulling out your smartphone. A wristwatch, though, offers an aesthetic element that will enhance the appearance of your linen suit.