The Benefits of Wearing a Pea Coat

The Benefits of Wearing a Pea Coat

When shopping for a new jacket, you should consider buying a pea coat. Also known as reefer jackets, they've become a popular choice of outerwear among men and women alike. Pea coats are medium-length, heavy-duty jackets that are typically made of wool. They originated several centuries ago, during which they were worn by European and American sailors. Pea coats, however, are now a staple form of outerwear. What are the benefits of wearing a pea coat exactly?


Pea coats are hypoallergenic. Research shows that up to one-third of the entire population suffers from some type of allergy. With a skin allergy, exposure to common fabrics may result in hives or other types of breakouts. Fortunately, pea coats are hypoallergenic, meaning they have a low risk of triggering allergic skin reactions such as these. They are typically made of 100% wool. Wool is classified as a hypoallergenic fabric, making it ideal for people who suffer from skin allergies.


For protection against the cold weather, you can't go wrong with a pea coat. Pea coats are incredibly warm. Assuming you choose a pea coat that's made of 100% wool, it will insulate your body while keeping you warm. Pea coats are among the warmest forms of outerwear on the market. Most of them are made of wool. When compared to other fabrics -- cotton, linen, etc. -- wool offers better insulation. It will insulate your body so that you lose body heat, resulting in a higher body temperature.

Water Resistant

You might be surprised to learn that many pea coats are water resistant. Wool absorbs less moisture than many other fabrics. Furthermore, the wool used in the construction of pea coats is oftentimes treated with lanolin oil. A thin layer of lanolin oil is applied over the surface of the wool. With this lanolin oil, moisture will wick off the wool. Sailors, in fact, wore pea coats in the past because of their water-resistant properties. And you can still find many pea coats that are resistant to water thanks to their use of lanolin oil.

Formal Outfits

Another reason to consider updating your wardrobe with a pea coat is support for formal outfits. Some people assume that pea coats are only appropriate for casual outfits. While you can certainly wear a pea coat in casual outfits, you can wear it in formal outfits as well.

Suits, of course, are formal outfits. Whether you're wearing a two-piece suit or a three-piece suit, you may want to include a pea coat in it. The right pea coat will complement the appearance of your trousers and accessories while lifting your personal style.

Easy to Maintain

Pea coats are easy to maintain. Like most other wool garments, they are safe to dry clean. If you discover a stain or blemish on your pea coat, you can take it to a dry cleaning establishment. Dry cleaning isn't necessarily "dry." Rather, it's a cleaning process that involves the use of nontoxic cleaning chemicals rather than water. Nonetheless, pea coats are safe to dry clean.

For minor blemishes, you may be able to clean your pea coat using a damp washcloth. Maybe you spilled your morning coffee on your pea coat, or perhaps there's a dust stain on it. If you notice a minor blemish, blot the area using a damp washcloth. As long as the stain hasn't set yet, blotting it with a damp washcloth may release it.

Vented and Non-Vented Styles

Pea coats are available in vented and non-vented styles. Vented pea coats are characterized by one or more slits in the back. Each slit in the back is a vent. Some pea coats have a single vent, meaning they have a single vent in the back. Other pea coats have two vents. Known as double-vent pea coats, they have two slits in the back.

You can also find pea coats in non-vented styles. Non-vented pea coats don't have any slits in the back. Rathe, the back runs horizontally straight across without featuring any slits.

Double-Breasted Front

While there are exceptions, most pea coats have a double-breasted front. A double-breasted front means that they have two columns of buttons on the front. Coats and jackets typically feature one of two front styles: single breasted or double breasted. Those with a single-breasted front only have one column of buttons on the front. Coats and jackets with a double-breasted front, as you may have guessed, have two columns of buttons on the front.

Many people prefer the classic appearance of a double-breasted front. In the past, double-breasted coats and jackets were more common than their single-breasted counterparts. But this is no longer the case. Today, most coats and jackets have a single-breasted front. If you prefer the classic appearance of a double-breasted front, you may want to choose a pea coat. Pea coats feature a double-breasted front that's synonymous with older and more traditional forms of outerwear.

Multiple Button Options

When buying a pea coat here at StudioSuits, you'll have the freedom to choose from over a dozen types of buttons. As previously mentioned, pea coats have a double-breasted front. Rather than one column of buttons on the front, they have two columns of buttons. More importantly perhaps, you can choose from over a dozen types of buttons.

Maybe you prefer Italian Horn Brown buttons, or perhaps you prefer Corzo Russet buttons. There are over a dozen different types of buttons from which you choose when buying a pea coat here at StudioSuits.

Custom Sizing

In addition to over a dozen types of buttons, pea coats are available in custom sizing. Custom-sized pea coats are sold here at StudioSuits. They are still made of wool. Rather than featuring a generic size, though, they live up to their namesake by featuring a custom size.

By ordering a custom-sized pea coat, you can rest assured knowing that it will fit. We'll design the pea coat using your own body measurements. As a result, your pea coat will fit perfectly.