The Benefits of Choosing a Velvet Suit Jacket

The Benefits of Choosing a Velvet Suit Jacket

You don't have to choose a suit jacket made of a traditional fabric like cotton or linen. Suit jackets are available in alternative fabrics, including velvet. Velvet suit jackets, in fact, have become increasingly popular. They are characterized by a velvet construction consisting of a woven tufted fabric.

If you're looking to change up your formal outfits with a new style, a velvet suit jacket may offer a solution. You can wear it in most formal outfits. Some men even wear velvet suit jackets with a button-up shirt and chinos. Below are some of the top benefits of choosing a velvet suit jacket.

Luxurious Appearance

Velvet suit jackets look luxurious. Even when viewed afar, they shimmer in the light while standing out in the process. Velvet, of course, is considered a luxurious fabric. Most people will agree that it's more luxurious than traditional fabrics like cotton, linen and even wool. You can always choose a suit jacket made of a traditional fabric. For a luxurious appearance, however, there's no better choice than velvet. A velvet suit jacket will allow you to take advantage of the luxurious appearance of velvet.

Soft and Gentle on Your Skin

Another benefit of choosing a velvet suit jacket is the texture. Of all the different fabrics in which suit jackets are made, velvet is probably the most unique. It has a distinct texture with a fuzzy texture that's both soft and gentle on your skin.

You won't find this same texture in other types of suit jackets. There are plenty of other soft fabrics. Wool, for example, is soft. Even high-quality Egyptian cotton is soft. But only velvet has a fuzzy surface. When rubbing your hand across the surface of a velvet suit jacket, you'll notice that it's fuzzy. With their fuzzy surface, velvet suit jackets are exceptionally soft and gentle on your skin. This is just one more benefit of choosing a velvet suit jacket.

Velvet is even hypoallergenic. What does this mean exactly? The term "hypoallergenic" refers to fabrics that have a low risk of triggering skin allergies. Some people are allergic to common fabrics. Because it's hypoallergenic, velvet suit jackets are typically safe. They won't cause skin allergies when worn, making them a popular choice among allergy sufferers.

Supports Year-Round Use

You can wear a velvet suit jacket all year long. Velvet suit jackets support year-round use. Whether it's the spring, summer, fall or winter, there's no "wrong" time to wear a velvet suit jacket. They offer just enough thermal insulation to protect you from cold temperatures without leaving you feeling excessively hot, regardless of the season.

Other types of suit jackets are often limited to one or more seasons. Wool suit jackets, for example, are great for the winter season, but you may find that they are too thick and heavy for the spring and summer seasons. This isn't an issue with velvet suit jackets. You can wear a velvet suit jacket year-round -- all while taking advantage of its comfortable construction and luxurious appearance.

Natural Protection From Wrinkles

You won't have to worry about wrinkles when wearing a velvet suit jacket. Whether you wear it for a few hours or multiple consecutive days, your velvet suit jacket shouldn't develop wrinkles.

Velvet suit jackets are naturally protected from wrinkles. They aren't necessarily immune to wrinkles; there's no such thing as a wrinkle-proof jacket. Velvet suit jackets, though, are highly resistant to wrinkles. You can wear them day after day without encountering wrinkles. Velvet is considered a wrinkle-resistant fabric, so suit jackets made of fabric are naturally protected from wrinkles.

Safe to Dry Clean

Velvet suit jackets are safe to dry clean. If you discover a stain or blemish on your velvet suit jacket, you don't have to try and clean it yourself. Assuming it's made of velvet, you can drop it off at a local dry cleaner.

Not all fabrics are safe to dry clean. Some fabrics may shrink when dry cleaned. Fortunately, velvet doesn't fall under this category. Velvet is a versatile fabric that's safe to dry clean. Rather than hand-washing or machine-washing a velvet suit jacket, you can get it dry cleaned. Dry cleaning involves the use of non-water cleaning chemicals to clean garments. When compared to hand-washing and machine-washing, it's far more effective at removing stains.

Available in Different Button Styles

Velvet suit jackets are available in different button styles. Some of them only have a single button on the front. They feature a single-breasted front with a single button. Other velvet suit jackets have two buttons on the front. Assuming the buttons are in a column, they are still considered single-breasted jackets. The two buttons are simply arranged vertically.

Whether you prefer a one-button or two-button style, there's probably a velvet suit jacket that features it. Velvet suit jackets are available in different button styles. You can choose a button style that matches your own personal style.

Satin Facing

When shopping for a velvet suit jacket, you may discover that some of them have satin facing. The velvet suit jackets sold here at StudioSuits, for instance, come with satin facing. Satin facing is a silky smooth layer of satin. It's typically added to the jacket's lapels, buttons and pocket trims.

You can choose from several different satin colors when ordering a velvet suit jacket. Maybe you prefer black satin, or perhaps you prefer blue or wine satin. Regardless, colored satin such as this will complement the main color of your velvet suit jacket.

Repels Moisture

Another benefit of choosing a velvet suit jacket is its moisture-repelling properties. While other fabrics tend to absorb moisture, velvet has the opposite effect: it repels moisture.

You probably won't be able to carry an umbrella all the time. If it happens to rain while you're outdoors, though, you won't get soaked while wearing a velvet suit jacket. The moisture-repelling properties of velvet will help to keep you dry.