The Benefits of Choosing a Bamboo Suit Jacket

The Benefits of Choosing a Bamboo Suit Jacket

When shopping for a suit jacket, you should pay close attention to the material from which it's made. A suit jacket is a type of formal outwear that's worn in conjunction with a pair of trousers. The combination of these two garments will result in a formal outfit, which you can accessorize with a necktie or bow tie. There are Bamboo suit jackets, however, that offer some amazing benefits when compared to other suit jackets.

What Is a Bamboo Suit Jacket?

A Bamboo suit jacket is a type of formal outerwear that's made of wool, linen and silk. You can order them here at StudioSuits. The Bamboo Wool Abundant Green Jacket, for instance, is a brilliant suit jacket that features a light green color. It's not made of a single material. Rather, the Bamboo Wool Abundant Green Jacket is made of a blend of three materials: wool, linen and silk. What are the benefits of choosing a Bamboo suit jacket such as this exactly?


You can rest assured knowing that Bamboo suit jackets are eco-friendly. They are made entirely of organic materials. As previously mentioned, Bamboo suit jackets are made of a blend of wool, linen and silk. All of these materials are organic, and organic materials are considered more eco-friendly than synthetic materials.

Synthetic materials are characterized by their production process. They aren't derived from plants. Rather, synthetic materials are made of chemicals. Because of their chemical and man-made composition, synthetic materials take longer to decompose. They'll also leach some of their chemicals into the surrounding environment as they break down. If you want to do your part to protect the environment, you should consider choosing a suit jacket made of organic materials. Bamboo suit jackets are made entirely of organic materials, making them an eco-friendly choice.


Bamboo suit jackets are lightweight. Linen and silk are two of the lightest materials used in the construction of suits. Bamboo suit jackets, of course, are made of linen, silk and wool. If you're tired of wearing a heavy suit jacket in your formal outfits, you may want to switch to a Bamboo suit jacket. With its blend of materials, it will keep you comfortable without weighing you down. Bamboo suit jackets are lightweight, which is one more reason to choose them.

Luxurious Style

For a luxurious style, look no further than a Bamboo suit jacket. They don't offer the same generic appearance as many other types of suit jackets. Rather, Bamboo suit jackets offer a unique, luxurious appearance that stands out from their generic counterparts. Maybe you're getting dressed for a business interview, or perhaps you've been invited to a wedding or dinner event. Regardless, you can't go wrong with a Bamboo suit jacket. It will enhance your appearance with a touch of luxury thats' not found in other types of suit jackets.


Another reason to choose a Bamboo suit jacket is breathability. Bamboo suit jackets are more breathable than many other types of suit jackets. Breathability means that air can easily flow through them. It will help to keep you cool during the spring and summer months.

If it's hot outside, you'll want to wear a breathable suit jacket. Suit jackets that aren't breathable will trap your body heat. Heat won't be able to escape your body. Instead, it will build up inside of the suit jacket where it causes your body temperature to rise. A breathable suit jacket will allow heat to escape your body. As your body produces heat, the hot air will travel through the breathable suit jacket so that you stay cool.


Bamboo suit jackets are soft. They are softer than most other types of suit jackets. This is due to the fact that Bamboo suit jackets are made of wool, linen and silk. While there are plenty of other materials used in the construction of suit jackets, wool, linen and silk are some of the softest. They have a finer, softer texture. And thanks to their superior level of softness, jackets made of these three materials are incredibly comfortable to wear.

You can wear a Bamboo suit jacket all day long without experiencing any discomfort. On the contrary, Bamboo suit jackets are some of the softest and most comfortable forms of outerwear available.


Don't let the soft texture of Bamboo suit jackets fool you into thinking they are cheaply made or otherwise weak. While soft, Bamboo suit jackets are still durable. They are made with an emphasis on quality. Other suit jackets are typically mass-produced with little or no attention to quality. Bamboo suit jackets, though, are made with an emphasis on quality. Therefore, they feature a durable construction that's able to weather the hands of time.

Multiple Jacket Styles

Assuming you order a Bamboo suit jacket here at StudioSuits, you can choose from one of several styles. The one-button style lives up to its namesake by featuring a single button. The two-button style, on the other hand, features two buttons. You can also find Bamboo suit jackets available in three-button, four-button and double-breasted styles.

All Bamboo suit jackets have at least one button on the front. Some of them, though, have more buttons than others. When ordering a Bamboo suit jacket, you can choose your preferred style. The style you choose will determine how many buttons the Bamboo suit jacket has on the front.

Multiple Lapel Styles

You can also choose from one of several lapel styles when ordering a Bamboo suit jacket. Lapels are sections of folded material on the front of a suit jacket. Suit jackets typically have two lapels, each of which runs vertically down the front of the collar. Some suit jackets have standard notch lapels. Others have slim notch lapels or wide notch lapels.

Alternatively, you may want to choose peak lapels. Peak lapels offer a more sophisticated appearance than notch lapels. Regardless, Bamboo suit jackets are available in multiple lapel styles. You can choose from standard notch, slim notch, wide notch, peak, wide peak and more.