The Beginner's Guide to Velvet Tuxedos

The Beginner's Guide to Velvet Tuxedos

Tuxedos have become synonymous with men's formalwear. Consisting of formal trousers with a matching dinner jacket and a bowtie, they are often worn for black-tie dinners and events. Not all tuxedos are the same, however. Some of them are made of different materials than others. A velvet tuxedo, for instance, is a unique formal outfit that features a velvet construction. In case this is your first time hearing about velvet tuxedos, keep reading to learn more about their unique construction that distinguishes them from other tuxedos.

What Is a Velvet Tuxedo?

A velvet tuxedo is a formal outfit consisting of velvet-based suit trousers with a matching dinner jacket. Both the trousers and dinner jacket are made of velvet, which is the defining feature that distinguishes velvet tuxedos from other tuxedos.

Like all tuxedos, a true velvet tuxedo consists of trousers with a matching dinner jacket. The difference is that velvet tuxedos are made exclusively of velvet. In comparison, other tuxedos are often made of linen, cotton, polyester, wool, tweed, etc.

Velvet tuxedos are made of velvet, which is a super-soft material that's woven to achieve a short dense pile. A telltale characteristic of velvet is its smooth and soft texture. While there are other soft materials available on the market, none of them compare to velvet. Rubbing your fingers across the surface of a velvet tuxedo or garment will reveal its super-smooth and soft texture.

It's important to note that velvet tuxedos typically aren't made entirely of velvet. Rather, that feature satin facing on certain areas, including the lapels and trim. The presence of satin helps create a shimmering and shiny appearance that works well with all types of formalwear.

Why You Should Wear a Velvet Tuxedo

As previously mentioned, velvet is a super-soft material. It's so soft, in fact, that the phrase "velvety-smooth" is now used to describe other super-soft materials and surfaces. By wearing a velvet tuxedo, you'll be able to take advantage of the material's super-soft texture. Velvet won't irritate your skin, nor will it cause other forms of discomfort. Thanks to its incredibly soft texture, it will keep you comfortable all day long.

Not only are they soft and comfortable, but velvet tuxedos are also attractive. You can see for yourself by checking out some of the velvet tuxedoes sold here at StudioSuits. The Beige Velvet Tuxedo Jacket showed below, for instance, is a stylish choice that has a universal beige color with hints of black. The combination of beige and black offers a naturally eye-catching appearance that looks greater no matter how it's worn.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Velvet Tuxedo

You should consider the color when choosing a velvet tuxedo. While beige is a popular color in which velvet tuxedos are made and sold, you can find them a plethora of other colors. What's the best color for a velvet tuxedo exactly? You can choose a velvet tuxedo in any color, but it's important to note that most contain two colors.

Tuxedos are distinguished from traditional suits by their use of satin-facing lapels and trim. Therefore, most of them feature two different colors, such as beige and black. They'll have one color for the velvet and another color for the satin. Velvet tuxedos follow this same principle by using two colors in their design. As a result, you should choose a velvet tuxedo with an appropriate combination of colors that matches. If the colors clash with each other, you may want to look elsewhere for a velvet tuxedo.

In addition to the color, you should consider the size when choosing a velvet tuxedo. Velvet tuxedos are prized for their superior level of softness and smoothness. With that said, a velvet tuxedo won't be very comfortable if it doesn't fit. Maybe it's a size too big, or perhaps a size too small. Regardless, if your velvet tuxedo doesn't fit, it may cause discomfort when worn.

Tips on How to Accessorize Your Velvet Tuxedo

Because it's a formal outfit, you'll need to accessorize your velvet tuxedo. The most important accessory to wear with a velvet tuxedo -- or any tuxedo for that matter -- is a bowtie. Not to be confused with a necktie, a bowtie is a small formal accessory that's worn in front of your shirt collar. It's designed to emphasize your neckline while energizing your outfit with new colors in the process.

While you can technically wear a necktie with a velvet tuxedo, it's best to stick with a bowtie. Bowties are preferred over neckties when wearing tuxedoes because they are more formal. All tuxedos are considered formalwear, so a bowtie is a better choice with which to accessorize them.

Another accessory you should wear with a velvet tuxedo is a belt. Assuming your trousers fit, you might be wondering why a belt is even necessary. After all, belts are typically worn to prevent your trousers or pants from falling down, so why did you need to wear one with a fitted velvet tuxedo?

A belt will do more than just secure your trousers around your waist; it will help to complement the colors of your velvet tuxedo. A good rule of thumb is to choose a belt in the same color as your velvet tuxedo. If your velvet tuxedo uses black as its main color, for instance, you should choose a black belt. If it uses beige as its main color, on the other hand, you should accessorize it with a beige belt. Following this fashion rule ensures that your belt matches your velvet tuxedo.

In Conclusion

Velvet, as a material, has been around for centuries. However, it wasn't until recently when velvet tuxedos emerged. Since them, velvet tuxedos have become a popular alternative to traditional tuxedos. They offer a soft texture and a stylish appearance that's perfect for formal events. Just remember to take your time by choosing the right velvet tuxedo.